Balearic government despises English tourists in London: ‘They will not be welcome’

You can travel to a tourist fair if you are not promoting tourism. You can also announce to the English press that you do not want British tourists and then say that all the newspapers are lying. Anything is possible in the volatile pre-election environment governed by the institutions of the Balearic Islands PSOE, Podemos and the Nationalists.

This week, the Balearic government sent a large delegation to world travel market london But the sovereigns in Mays denied that their partners promoted tourism in a tourism exhibition. In that battle to find out exactly what the Balearic expedition was to do in London, which has been going on since Monday, Concel de Mallorca contributed another chapter to the farce, despising its English hosts with statements that caused discomfort in this country.

“The British will not be welcome on the island this summer,” the island’s tourism minister, Socialist Lucia Escribano, confirmed in a meeting with English journalists. When it was published by ‘The Sun’ and other media, the Conseil retracted its position and killed the messenger.

“I never told him that, and I am amazed at the misrepresentation that has been introduced, because we want them to come. English to IslandEscribano denied herself, asserting that her words had been misrepresented to get ‘more clicks’.

The UK’s most-read newspaper had its headline: “Big blow to British tourists as Mallorca seeks to exclude them in summer”. According to “The Sun”, Escribano’s words were: “We are not interested in promoting the island in the summer, and we do not care if they go somewhere in Greece or Turkey.” He added that the Balearic Islands wanted “to have fewer Britons and more other parts of Europe with better air connectivity”, like the Germans and Scandinavians, given their greater purchasing power.

These same statements were picked up by the Express with the headline: ‘Mallorca rejects British tourists’, and Mirror: ‘Mallorca not interested in UK budget tourists amid strict measures against visitors’.

However, Consell de Mallorca’s Department of Tourism issued a categorical denial, excused itself primarily that “it was not under any circumstances a socio-economic criterion alluding to distinguishing the type of travelers who have to arrive at Mallorca». He added that he did not rule out the arrival of British tourists at any time of the year. “On the contrary, they insisted on extending the season and boosting value-added tourism sectors,” they said.

Lisa Minot, the journalist who signed the article for The Sun, responded to the Algerian government’s denial, stressing that the quotes it published from Escribano were verbatim and that there were witnesses in the interview. She defended this, saying, “I’ve worked as a travel editor at The Sun for 23 years and have a very good reputation for impartiality and honesty.”

In addition to antagonizing their British hosts, the Socialists manipulated going to a fair to promote the Balearic Islands and at the same time saying that they would not go to the fair to promote the Balearic Islands, so as not to anger their nationalist partners.

tourism promotion

On Monday, the Balearic delegation left for London and Mays stayed in the Balearic Islands asking the PSOE to suspend tourism promotion, especially at big fairs such as the WTM. The sovereign party demanded as a red line to reconfirm the government agreement in a future third legislature.

socialist Franchina Armingol He responded to this message in an electoral key, recalling that tourism is the main driver of the islands and that “200,000 families in our community depend on it.” However, the response was later softened by tampering with the words of the Minister of Tourism and Executive Spokesperson, Iago Negueruela. An exhibitor in the Balearic Islands at the World Travel Market, Nigueruela said he did not go there to promote tourism because “we don’t need to promote because everyone knows our islands”.

Among the many inconsistencies, the local press reminded Lluís Apesteguía, coordinator of Més per Mallorca, that if he now discredited tourism promotion, he had until recently promoted the Balearic Islands at tourism fairs with a tie, a tie and a tuxedo. there was world travel market 2018 When, after another record summer of tourists in the Balearic Islands, the Més coordinator for all Mallorca attended the London Fair as Chief of Staff for former Vice President Bill Busquets.

Sovereigns wearing a black tie paid £15,000 to attend a dinner for the Society of British Travel Writers, which was sold as a promotional measure which they hired Tourism Strategy Agencythen directed by environmental expert Jaume Alzamora.

In the face of Mace’s attacks on the PSOE, members of Can They came out to defend President Armangol, but in their own way: “Honestly, I can’t say they are there [en Londres] Doing tourism promotion. “I would say that they convey that the government is still taking into account that our main economic driver is tourism, although we are not giving up on economic diversification,” said Deputy Prime Minister Pedro Yelanes of Bodemeta.

From PP, they see it as too dangerous for Escribano to go to WTM to do it «Anti-tourism promotion We are playing with the bread of millions of workers in our land.” The masses demanded the socialist president of Mallorca’s council, Catalina Caldera, “to disavow these statements” and to dismiss the island’s tourism advisor, Andrew Serra, and director Lucia Escribano.

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