Balancing the night of the national holiday in France

I left the national holiday night in France at least 96 people were arrested and 255 cars were set on fire in different areas of the city. According to the interim report, Ministry of Interior From France at 5.30am, it was generally a Friday night “Quieter than last year”Le Monde reports.

This was confirmed by the French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin On his Twitter account: “We owe it to our law enforcement, their presence and the many preventive checks that were carried out.”

It should be noted that the French government organized a No less than 45,000 police and gendarmerie Thursday night until the wee hours of Saturday, who mobilized on the eve of the national holiday. Special units of the judicial police and counter-terrorism units have been put on alert. In addition, they have the support of helicopters, drones and water cannons that are ready to intervene in any accident.

French President Emmanuel Macron has taken certain measures in the face of the threat of a new outbreak, as in the riots that have lasted for several days since June 27 after the death of a 17-year-old boy in the city of Nanterre, by a gunshot from a policeman who ordered him to stop his car. .

Despite this, the French government sees a positive balance that resulted in the injury of seven police, gendarmerie and firefighting officers, compared to 21 in 2022 on the same day.

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Additionally, 51 episodes were recorded in which pyrotechnics were used against law enforcement, compared to 333 the previous year.

France, however, did not stop celebrating its traditional party next to the Eiffel Tower, which culminated with the participation of thousands of people around the symbolic structure with fireworks, far from equating to urban violence at the beginning of summer.

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