Bakeries stop for 15 minutes in protest of rising costs

Luis Garcia Lopez


Updated at 9:32 PM.

“Without light there is no bread.” With this announcement, the Association of Bakery, Pastry, Pastry and Related Products (CEOPAN) held a meeting aPayment between 12:00 and 12:15 In the sector’s actions in protest against the increase in production costs resulting from inflation.

The rise in the prices of raw materials, especially energy, is gradually closing these companies and causing small towns to run out of bread, CEOPAN notes.

«I pay more than double for electricity, I went from an average payment 3000 euros to pay 6200 eurosin addition to gas, which is up 50%, I am now paying 1,400 euros when I paid about 500 euros before that, Valencia bakery manager Horno de San Pablo told Europa Press.

With the power outage, members seek to value the sector, which directly employs more than 190,000 workers in Spain, and to achieve its inclusion in the list Energy-intensive sectors.

“We are not alone on this path, from the European Union of Bakers and Confectioners (CEBP), we are also lobbying the Commission and Parliament so that our sector is included in all necessities for all purposes, including, in particular, energy,” CEOPAN stated.

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