Bagpipes “inspire” and “excite” Maria Bages and Carmen Linares upon their arrival in Oviedo

The cantaora Carmen Linares is transmitted by bagpipe. Inspired by dancer Maria Pages.

The music of the Asturian instrument, as usual, was accompanied by the arrival of both of them in Oviedo, where on Friday they will receive the “Princess of Asturias” award for the arts for their career and mastery through singing and dancing, respectively. Flamenco, a Spanish art form that the two helped spread across half of the planet. Aller’s band “El Gumial” bagpipes were responsible for setting the pace for the performers’ arrival at the Hotel de la Reconquista, where they were received by the director of the “Princesa de Asturias” Foundation, Teresa Sangorgo.

They are the second winners this year who come to Oviedo, And just like their debut, Juan Mayorga (Literature Award), they did so late on Sunday. The first to arrive – half an hour later than expected – was Carmen Linares, who did so, accompanied by her husband Miguel Espin, who stood with her at the entrance to the Reconquista. Alcantura, born in Jaen, declared herself “very happy” to be in the Asturian capital to participate in the “Princesa” awards, which give her “honour” and recognition of her career “and to all music and especially Flemish”.

A little over half an hour later, just after three in the afternoon (and an hour and a half later than expected), Maria Bagis arrived, accompanied by her husband, the Moroccan-born writer Al Arabi Al Harthy, who collaborated artistically with his book. She is a wife and currently runs the “Maria Bages” dance center in Fuenlabrada (Madrid).. The bellaura got out of the car with a wide smile and “wanted to reach” Oviedo. “I’ve always been told the arrival was beautiful and it really is.” With bagpipes in the background, Bagis stressed that his music is “very inspiring” and doesn’t rule out daring to stage some dances using the Asturian instrument. “But not now, that I will have to warm up…,” he settled with humor before entering the Reconquista.

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