Badalamenti’s Barcelona Footprint: Beyond David Lynch

“Today there is no music.” Hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, in a neutral color and without further explanation, David Lynch He said goodbye in his own way to the composer Angelo Badalamenti Through his non-transferable air channel on YouTube where he is a director blue velvet Every day he explains the weather in Los Angeles and wishes us good luck. Lynch’s bizarre world wouldn’t be the same without it Spectral and meandering music by Badlamente, who died Monday at age 85, according to his family, because he was the one who best knew how to slip through the director’s expressive twists and turns, his bizarre, dreamlike fantasies. In short, a Lynch movie cannot be imagined without a file Mysterious sound environments Similar to badalamente.

It’s kind of like a tandem made up of Nino Rota and Federico FelliniBadalamenti and Lynch formed a An inseparable audiovisual entity Over the years, represented in the aforementioned soundtracks blue velvetAnd the Twin PeaksAnd the The heart of an adventurerAnd the Lost HighwayAnd the True story s Mulholland Drive. It is usually explained that Badalamenti and Lynch started working by chance, as the musician, who is also a singing teacher, came to blue velvet in 1985 to assist Isabella Rossellini in interpretation blue velvetBobby Fenton, as Lynch wanted. The director was pleased and, as advice, suggested composing a song for the film. David suggested I do Something cosmic, as if floating in time. I composed very abstract music that I love. The result was Secrets of love” It was narrated by Badalamenti, who was the one who suggested to Lynch that the song be interpreted by the Ethereal Julie Cruz.

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The deeply grieving American singer, who passed away last June, was also instrumental in the most memorable collaboration between Badalamenti and Lynch: Soundtrack Series Twin Peaksits delightful central theme, titled drophas become a hit since the first season of the series premiered in 1990 on ABC, earning a Grammy in the category of Best Pop Instrumental Performance.

From Lynch to Barcelona 92

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Success Twin Peaks Turn Badalamenti into a musician high statusto the point of composing the theme that accompanied the dramatic entry of the Olympic flame into the stadium at The opening ceremony of the 92nd Barcelona Games. Unknown detail: Badalamenti composed a rough, atmospheric version of what was to become the song friends foreverAnd the Although it was eventually discarded in favor of the now classic Andrew Lloyd Webber played by Josep Carreras and Sarah Brightman (and Los Manolos).

Badalamenti would also set the music for a 1992 fictional Freixenet commercial, directed by Bigas Lunas and starring Antonio Banderas and Sharon Stone. In those glorious days, he did the orchestra for two of the greatest hits albums pet shop boys, Currently (1987) and behavior (1990), as well as collaborating with such notables as Liza Minelli, Dusty Springfield, David Bowie, and Shirley Bassey. Born in Brooklyn (New York) on March 22, 1937 to an Italian-American family, Badalamenti was an unknown musician before being signed to result From blue velvetWell, after studying music at various schools in New York, he majored in songwriting for stage shows, as well as orchestration and incidental music for TV commercials. How could it be otherwise, his penultimate authorized work will be for Lynch, and The fantastic soundtrack for the third season of Twin Peaksin 2017 before concluding his run with the main theme of excitement Supernatural cult afterlife portal (2018), starring Nicolas Cage.

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