Bad news: Mercadona is recalling these products

Mercadona is undoubtedly one of the most successful supermarkets in Spain, followed by others such as Lidl, Alcampo or Carrefour. The Juan Roig chain, on some occasions, removes products from its shelves, mainly from the food sector. Many of these items are favorites of the vast majority of customers.s. This makes them immediately call the company and ask them the reason for this withdrawal.

The reason why many products sometimes disappear from the shelves is very simple Good quality And nothing more, something far from permanent. This practice is normal in large supermarket chains, however Customers come to experience it as a shock, especially if it affects one of your favorite products. The inventory at those stores comes on and off the shelves.

These days, there are some that have been removed from buy positions, and replaced due to This year’s new arrivals are starting to arrive.

In addition, products are often recalled, which, apparently, They don’t work with their clients. Although those who love her cry out to heaven and show their grief. And for this, the vast majority of consumers turn to social networks to express their feelings. Some are so angry as if their lives depended on it. Others do it in a fun way with memes or emojis that cause joy to Mercadona’s followers.

These days, there are some of them It has been removed from malls, it was replaced because the new novelties of the year began to arrive. Seasonal items that the Juan Roig chain wants to please its customers.

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However, when removing products Communications managers For the company they see and want them to attend to in a polite way the angry reaction from the customers. These are some of the products of Hacendado, the Mercadona brand, that were recently pulled from their shelves:

Straciatella liquid yogurt.

Many Valencia chain buyers had the creamy dairy products with chocolate chips among their favourites. And when the company confirmed that they were no longer selling them, they were very upset. And this is how some people expressed their opinion on Twitter:

Should be white.

Mercadona has this product in white and red. They kept the second but decided to withdraw the first. In this regard, some users wondered. The chain affirmatively assured them that they would no longer stock this product. A fact that annoyed many of his clients.

Buckwheat pasta.

The supermarket chain has been betting on organic pasta for years and has launched several of them. Among them were red lentil pasta and some buckwheat pasta. The latter, with the advantage of not containing gluten. However, these have disappeared to the sadness of many customers.

Greek yogurt with hazelnut and cocoa.

This dairy product has been a favorite of many customers from Gran Canaria due to its rich flavor and smooth, creamy texture. However, it is no longer on Mercadona shelves. They have questioned the company about this. Their response left them “crying” over the lack of this product.


Dark chocolate filled pearls.

These sweet balls are no longer on the shelves of the supermarket chain. Dark chocolate balls filled with red fruits, such as blueberries, are no longer found in Mercadona supermarkets. This has been a huge annoyance to his sweetest customers.

Cheesecake and rosemary.

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It was a rosemary cheesecake (which also has thyme) and it made in the oven in less than five minutes. His disappearance from Mercadona’s shelves caused fear and anguish among customers. One “affected” user resorted to a crying “gif” to express how he felt.

In addition to product optimization, it is possible that if one of your favorite items is not in the supermarket, it is for a simple and obvious reason: no stock, out of stock. A situation we must get used to. Seasonal trends indicate that there are different items on the supermarket shelves.

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