Bad Bunny overtakes Rosalía as the most successful album in Spain for 2022

summer without you Bad Bunny It became the most successful album in Spain in 2022 with a five-times platinum certification (equivalent to more than 200,000 copies sold), higher than the Motomami album by Rosaliawhich was in second place (at just over 80,000 units).

This is how it appears in the annual report of Promusicae, the entity that collects more than 95% of the Spanish record market and that represents, among other things, sales in digital and physical form (in retail price value).

It is the second time that the Puerto Rican star has reached this honorary position in Spain after he was also the leader in sales in 2020 and he did it after being 1 over the past year for 23 consecutive weeksa position that Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House” only temporarily escaped.

It also took seventh place in the ranking thanks to an earlier work, “YHLQMDLG”, which was published in 2020, outperforming many other recent works.

Top 10 albums

the Top 10 albums They completed it in the following order: 3) “El madrileño” by C. Tangana, already released in 2021; 4) The aforementioned last album by Styles; 5) “Versa” by Rao Alejandro; 6) “Dharma” by Sebastian Yatra. 8) “Heart and Arrow” by Manuel Carrasco. 9) “Midnight” by Taylor Swift and 10) “Microdiosis” by Moura.

This list shows the payment in Spain of the most popular artists in the field of “streaming”, which, according to Promusicai figures, represents 85% of music consumption in the country (with 55% of paid subscriptions in this type of platform).

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Actually, for the first time 72 billion listeners On this type of audio service, which, according to the report’s data, would equate to sales of about 22 million records, with 835 artists having had their songs played more than 10 million times (100 artists more than in 2021).

physical forms

exactly the contrary, Physical forms have followed an uneven fate: While vinyl sales rose 6%, CD sales fell 13%. In the absence of more specific data to be released in March, it remains to be seen if the trend seen through the middle of the year has consolidated, when more units were sent from the former for the first time in 30 years than from the latter.

This situation explains why the very strong numbers in physical sales appear less high this time around on the World Album Chart, as their data is combined with that of the digital market.

This is the case of the latest album of the person who has been the usual leader of this chart, “La cuarta hoja” by Pablo Alboran, which was the sixteenth, but fifth in the vinyl list (it should also be borne in mind that it was published in the last weeks of 2022).


classification vinilos sí led by Rosalía “Motomami”, followed in this order: 2) “Harry’s House” by Harry Styles; 3) “El madrileño” by C. Tangana and 4) “Midnights” by Taylor Swift and, as mentioned, Alborán.

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As for singles, they are a strength “Quédate” or “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52” by Argentine producer Bizarab and Canarian artist Quevedo, which, after spending 7 weeks at number one worldwide, was also the most listened song of the year in Spain.

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Up to the top ten appearances: “La bachata” by Colombian Manuel Turizo; “Despicha”, by Rosalía; “Titi Asked Me” by Bad Bunny; “Red Heels” by Sebastian Yatra; “I Act Beautiful”, by Bad Bunny and Chincho Corleone; “Desperados”, by Yatra with Corleone; “Cayo La Noche (Remix)” by La Pantera, Quevedo and Cruz Cavone, among others; “I congratulate you” by Shakira and Rao Alejandro, and session 48 of Bizarab with Thiago BZK.

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