avocado | The trick you should know to know if an avocado is ripe

Avocado is a trendy fruit that has been very quickly integrated into healthy diets in recent years. Its awesome properties or the reasons why it is suitable for its frequent consumption are very famous.

However, there is a question that attacks everyone when buying it from the supermarket or greengrocer: Is he at the point of perfection? Is it ready to eat or is it still a few days away? Is he very mature?

Gourmet product

Avocado is too Versatile food. It gives plenty of play in the kitchen to incorporate into a recipe or even eat on its own. It works for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is even a food that is given to babies when they start eating foods other than milk.

It can be used in a variety of dishes, from guacamole to salads. sandwiches and vibrate. It can also be used as a substitute for other ingredients in recipes such as cakes and desserts to reduce the amount of saturated fat and increase the amount of healthy fat.

Avocado trick

Existing A trick to know the ripeness point of an avocado. It’s important, because many times one wants it so it’s ready to eat right now and other times so it’s ready in a few days. What no one wants is to take home an overripe avocado that is past its ripe. It is not surprising that the price of this fruit is not entirely low.

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For this reason, it is very useful to know a trick to know the ripeness point of an avocado at a glance, without having to deal with all the pieces exposed in the fruit shop.

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It’s simply about Watch for the small hole exposed where the piece of twig that attached the fruit to the tree was. The color inside that hole will say a lot about the avocado:

  • If it is green, it means that the fruit is not yet ideal for consumption.

  • If it has already acquired a yellowish tone, then the avocado is ready.

  • If it’s already brown, it’s too late.

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