“Avatar” returns after 13 years of success

Thirteen years ago, James Cameron marked a milestone with his most dangerous film,”symbol picture‘, which is historical The box office of nearly $3,000 million remains an unbeaten number. On Friday, the long-awaited sequel, Avatar: The Sensation of Water, arrives, which is presented with locomotive force to draw audiences into the cinema.

In addition, directly on the platforms, they premiere on Fridays Magi: The Trutha monument by Victor García-Leon about the everyday lives of the Witches of the East, on Prime Video, Clases Specialtyes, a romantic Turkish comedy, on Netflix, and Christmas with the Campbells, the first AMC+ original to open today.

“Avatar: The Sense of Water”: The Na’vi defend the oceans

Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, Avatar: The Sense of Water, it restores the characters and settings from the original; Sullys, Jake, and Neytiri star again, but this time as an adult couple, in charge of five teens, with the same goal of saving their planet Pandora.

‘Aftersun’, a flashback to the summer when he managed to meet his father

Written and directed by British Charlotte Wells, Aftersun tells Sophie’s (Celia Rolson-Hall) reflections twenty years after a holiday she took with her father when she was 11 and her real and imaginary memories that fill in the blanks as she tries to reconcile the father she knew with the man she didn’t. .

‘El sostre groc (The Yellow Roof): Violations in the Theatre

Isabelle Koixet writes and directs the documentary “El sostre grec” (The Yellow Roof), about the complaint filed by a group of nine women, in 2018, against two of their teachers from the Lleida Theater Classroom for sexual abuse that occurred between the years. 2001 and 2008 as teenagers.

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Io, the world seen through the eyes of an innocent donkey

Jury Prize at the recent Cannes Film Festival, the Polish Jerzy Skolimowski shows his own vision of the world but is seen through the eyes of an animal, Io, a gray donkey with sad eyes who meets on his way good people and another who is not so good who knows joy and sadness without losing innocence at any time.

“Little Nicholas”, the story of two friends, Sempi and Goscinny

Leaning over a large blank sheet of paper somewhere between Montmartre and Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Jean-Jacques Sempé and René Goscinny give life to “little Nicolas”, mischievous and laughing boy. Nicholas’ adventures take him into the study of the Creators, where he converses with them in a relaxed manner. Sempei and Gosciny tell him how they met and became friends, and also answer questions about their careers, childhoods, and ambitions.

“Saint of the Impossible”, to be or not to be…a virgin

Mark Wilkins writes and directs this thriller in which a young mother must piece together the pieces of a puzzle, a murder, a police raid and a picture of a mysterious girl if she is to find out what happened to her twins, Paul and Tito, two teenagers, delivery men, virgins and illegal immigrants in New York who arrive To the saint of lost cases to lose their virginity.

“Magi: The Truth,” Their Majesty updated

Victor García León directs and writes with Teresa Pilon and Daniel Castro the pseudo-documentary story of the daily lives of the real Melkor, Gaspar and Baltasar, who first open the doors of their palace for filming. From this film, with the person they intend to renew their image; To do this, they seek help from collaborators such as Lorenzo Caprile, Almudena Cid, Jordi Hurtado, Esty Quesada or Rozalén. Directly on Amazon Prime Video.

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Private Lessons, Turkish Romance with Bensu Sural and Halit Özgür

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Netflix premieres Friday Private Lessons, a Turkish romantic comedy starring Bensu Sural, one of the actresses of the moment in Turkey, with nearly five million followers on Instagram, and Halit Ozgur, known in Spain as Kadir Eren, the eldest of the brothers in the series. “two brothers”.

“Christmas with the Campbells,” amc+’s first original release from today

The film, which goes directly to the AMC + platform, gives a twist on traditional Christmas movies thanks to the production of Vince Vaughn, which tells in a comic and satirical tone the story of Jesse (Brittany Snow), who is abandoned by her boyfriend Sean. (Alex Moffat) Right before Christmas.

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