Attention, danger | A viral trick to cleaning an air fryer can ruin it

An air fryer is one of the dirtiest appliances in the kitchen. Its constant contact with food and the high temperatures it operates at mean that bits of food and toys often get stuck and hard to clean. By following this simple trick, you can leave this device as new. Of course, many users warn that you can also spoil it.

The trick is so simple that all you have to do is this: we take the box out of the pan and add a few drops of detergent. Then you have to fill it with water. If possible, more than half. We close and start the frying pan at 200 degrees for four minutes. This will make it look like new.

This hack spread on social media. Several users have indicated that it really makes the air fryer look like brand new. Some say “it’s the best option”.

All that glitters is not golden, and many air fryer users have warned that following this tip can damage the device. They warn, “You do everything the instruction book brings and you can’t do it.”

For this reason, some people maintain that the best solution to cleaning an air fryer is to do it after each use. One of the most common tips is laying parchment paper.

Air fryers have become popular in recent years. It is an economical option to cook food without using oil, making preparations healthy.

Although it seems like a recent invention, air fryers have been in the making for years. In fact, the system is the same as that of the furnace. Of course, with certain advantages: a smaller volume reaches high temperatures in a short time and consumes less energy.

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