Attempted hacking forces the IRS to stop working remotely

And the Tax Authority was forced to cut off the connections that it enabled remotely on the computers of dozens of treasury inspectors, some of whom belong to the delegation of senior taxpayers, and are responsible for auditing the returns of the main companies and major real estate in the country. The reason for this blocking was due to a precautionary maneuver after discovering a security breach in the certificates that allowed administrators to access the system, according to agency sources.

And a number of inspectors from that department and other units of the Tax Authority received a message sent yesterday from the central offices urging them to go to the office themselves as of today and not to contact remotely.

Yesterday, sources in the Tax Authority reported that it was a hacking attempt that sought to compromise the security of the system, which made it necessary to prevent the possibility of acting by revoking entry certificates as a precautionary measure.

The circumstance highlights that two weeks ago the IRS had ordered a massive change of all passwords to access the system to replace them with other, more complex and complex ones, specifically to enhance the security of access methods to a system that administrators work remotely from their homes.

On November 21, one of the officials saw how they had remotely accessed the network with all the economic information from Spain. The matter passed to the police.

In this sense, cyberattacks directed against government agencies or intended for national defense, to hijack third-party data, increased by 47% last year, according to a recent report by the National Cryptographic Center.

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