Attacks | This is the way to prevent cyber attacks

the Email fraud They are more common and aim to deceive users in order to get something at their expense. Usually, by email they use the supposed updates strategy of applications for the computer, where it is used Serious messages They target a group of users. In the strategy, invite the recipient to Click On a link to install an updated version of the respective software.

The key is that they require you to do it with a file 24 hour emergency Because, if this is not the case, the user will lose access to their email. To add stress to recipients, they are informed that the request email is being monitored and if ignored, there will be consequences.

What clues do cybercriminals leave?

With this kind of strategy, scam professionals have a series of tricks that they always use with the same goal: to make users bite. The first of these is urgency, ie threaten the user consequences of not taking this action.

Another key to recognizing cyberattacks is application versions and their specific names. Usually, cyber criminals Brand misuse how Microsoft, Office and OneDrive This alerts investigators of the possibility of phishing email attacks.

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Third point, the sender addresses are usually unknown to the user and the email may be poorly written. In other things, the attackers spin by hovering the mouse over the URL, you can see that starts with “https”, which is typical for sites that are secure to use SSL certificates. However, this does not mean anything, as many sites phishing (identity fraud).

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If you can’t avoid it and click on the URL, you may get infected malware. For this reason, if you suspect some signs of a cyberattack and think it might be a scam, you should definitely report it to your IT department.

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