Atletico Madrid: How much money did Atletico stop earning after being eliminated from the Champions League and not entering the European League

TheTo defeat Athlete From European competitions supposes a severe blow to the club’s coffers GovernorateBecause it was last season, which ended up eliminating him in the Champions League quarter-finals Champions Before Manchester Over 63 million euros (63,270,000) will be spent in his pockets, leaving the market aside.

How much money would Atletico have won by going into the round of 16

He used to pass the group stage in all but 17-18 editions since then Simeone Occupying the bench, Atlético will win 43 million after their victory in Do Dragao gave a ticket to the Round of 16. his cross against Manchester United It will report another 9.6 kilograms, while the quarter pairing will add another 10.6 kilograms.

Some numbers, however, are very far from those that Atlético enters in this cycle, because apart from the 15 million fixed that means participation in the Champions, winning in Harbor In the Metropolitano and a tie witches and the Bayer Leverkusen They only add 10 pounds. Thus, the rojiblanco club remains at 19.5 million (plus, corresponding to the market pool of course).

How much money would he have won by winning the European League

In this case, the economic gap the champions are supposed to deposit amounts to just over 43 million which could have been reduced by about 14 if they had participated and won the title. Europa League.

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