Atlético de Madrid: Kona, on the brink of exiting the premiership

Mathews Cunha The hours seem to be counting down Athlete. The Brazilian player is about to become a player in the Wolverhampton English as we published a few days ago. The Brazilian is one of the footballers selected in the mattress team to mitigate the economic blow caused by the elimination of this edition of Champions League Not being able to stay in European league.

The Brazilian striker didn’t train with his teammates in yesterday’s session, but did because of some physical discomfort caused by the workload of the past few days. The striker did not participate in the second training session of the day, which consisted of a match against a team made up of players from academy.

Next to Cradle of civilizationis being Philip the person who goes out to him WolvesBut the talks between the two clubs are not over yet. The Brazilian player ends his contract at the end of the current season after renewing it last summer. But the few minutes he passed Simeon In recent months, the technician’s lack of confidence in him makes his stage in Athlete It’s close to the end.

On the other hand, he was on the last training session with the rest of his teammates. rinildo. The Mozambican has recovered from some foot problems as a result of a knock he suffered last week. In addition, it is expected that the Belgian international players, Jimenez and Professor Ortega Join the training soon.

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