At least three people were killed in a missile attack on an apartment complex in the city of Lviv, near Poland

There will be eight injured and emergency services do not rule out more victims under the rubble

Rocket attack in Lviv Reuters

A missile attack that hit an apartment building killed at least three people, Thursday, in Lviv, as announced by the mayor of this city in western Ukraine, far from the front.

“Already three dead,” Andre Sandoviy declared in a message on Telegram, also reporting “eight injured” and “several apartments” damaged.

The mayor noted that emergency services had been mobilized and that “there could be more people under the rubble”.

“A person in serious condition was evacuated by ambulance,” Sandovi said earlier.

The head of the regional administration, Maxim Kozitsky, said on the same social network that it was a “direct shot at a residential property” carried out by Russian forces.

In the images shared by the governor, a badly damaged building is seen, with part of its upper floors missing and windows blown out.

Lviv and the border region with Poland hundreds of kilometers from the front have been targeted in the past since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Kositsky said that on the night of June 19-20, drones raided “vital infrastructure” in Lviv.

In March, five people were killed in an attack on a residential neighborhood in Velika Vilcanecia in this district.

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