At least three people were killed and 12 injured after a Russian military plane crashed into a group of apartments in the south of the country

A criminal investigation has been opened to clarify the causes of the incident

Residential building where the Sukhoi Su-34 crashed Reuters

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For reasons that are not entirely clear, Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber It crashed this afternoon in the courtyard of an apartment building in the town of Yesk in the Russian Krasnodar region on the coast of the Azov Sea in front of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol (Donetsk). An initial casualty tally talks about three dead and 12 wounded. The Russian Defense Ministry confirms that one of the aircraft’s engines caught fire.

The plane had just taken off from an airport located 10 kilometers from the accident site. Both pilots managed to eject. According to the images shown by Russian television, the explosion caused by the collision caused a massive fire in the building and The plane’s ammunition started exploding, the reason why firefighters could not immediately start the extinction business. Meanwhile, residents of the apartment building have been evacuated to temporary shelters.

Flames reached several floors of the house. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the local authorities Work with utmost diligence Provide victims with all necessary assistance. The delegation of the Ministry of Civil Protection confirmed the spread of the fire on an area of ​​two thousand square meters. According to their information, 17 apartments were damaged.

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The Defense Ministry said the plane crashed while in flight. was the cause of the accident Engine fire during take off. The governor of Krasnodar, Veniamin Kondratiev, went to the scene of the accident. The Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation.

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