At least one dead and several wounded in a knife attack in western Germany

07/09/2023 at 02:17 PM

attacker He holds a knife One person was killed on Saturday night and several others were injured in the western German city of Bad Honingen, according to police.

Rumors surfaced on the Internet that it was caused by riots, which were not confirmed, but the police stated that there was no longer any danger and that the suspect had been arrested. No details have yet been provided about the accident, the attacker, or the severity of the injuries.

In another incident in Hamburg, Another man was stabbed to death with a knife After an altercation in the courtyard of an apartment building in the Heimfeld district, as explained by the police, who also confirmed that the alleged attacker had been arrested.

Germany has seen a series of knife attacks this year. in May, Two schoolgirls were injured in Berlin After being stabbed to death by a man with mental health problems, in April a 26-year-old Syrian asylum seeker injured four people in a stabbing attack at a gym in Duisburg.

The Federal Criminal Police Office said in a report that the number of murders in Germany in 2022 rose to 662 from 643 the previous year.

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