At least 19 dead after plane crashes in Lake Victoria due to bad weather


Updated at 4:14 pm.

At least 19 people died after the crash, most likely because of the bad weathera Tanzanian Precision Air plane over Lake Victoria, in the Kagera region, in the northwest of the country.

Kagera’s regional chief, Albert Chalamela, confirmed to Tanzania’s state broadcaster TBC that the state airline Precision Air was carrying. 39 passengers and four crew When I crashed this morning in the lake.

So far they have been Save 26 people They are receiving medical care at the Kagera Regional Referral Hospital, according to Shalamila, without giving specific details of their condition.

The pack, which was heading from the Tanzanian trading capital, Dar es Salaam, to Bukoba via Mwanza had hit the lake. Shortly before trying to land At Bukoba airport, according to the first information from the security forces, due to heavy rain and high winds.

Rescue forces have already begun, according to the Tanzanian state chain, maneuvers to search for them for the rest of the passengers The machine, the ATR 42-500 twin-turbocharged engine.

The country’s president, Samia Solo, is already aware of the incident. “shipment Condolences For all those affected by this accident. Let us remain calm while the rescue operation continues, and we ask God to help us.”

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