At least 13 people have been killed in a giant forest fire in Chile due to the heat wave

It faces central southern Chile large forest fires It claimed thirteen lives and forced dozens of towns to evacuate.

As in the emergency situation in January and February 2017 where a ‘firestorm’ consumed around 500,000 hectares, today more than 178 active sources have forced the authorities to declare Catastrophic range To the regions of Ñuble, Biobío and the Araucanía Red Alert.

Until this Friday, the incidents affected the region 8000 hectares There are 107 homes damaged or destroyed. The death of a volunteer firefighter who was crushed by an ambulance was also recorded; Two crew members of a helicopter that crashed while assisting with control work and four people whose vehicles were hit by fire.

heat wave danger

And the strength of the fire increased due to the presence of a heat wave that began on Wednesday, and this may be possible extended for ten days According to meteorologists. On Friday, temperatures in some cities of Noble and Biobio exceeded 41 degrees, which increased winds and severe drought exacerbated the situation.

Units of volunteer firefighters have been dispatched from different regions of the country to join the work carried out by members of the National Forestry Authority (CONAF), forestry companies and members of the armed forces.

And Monday advent “Air Tanker”a US DC-10 aircraft modified for this type of mission with a capacity of up to 36,000 liters of water.

In the Quillón region, the fire that broke out in the lumber yard of the Celulosa Arauco factory was brought under control and threatened to destroy it.

Burek suspends his vacation

Interior Minister , Carolina TuhaHe confirmed, who moved to the area accompanied by other ministers of state such as health and agriculture, that four people who were traveling in two cars were killed on the roads in the Santa Juana sector and were injured by gunfire.

Likewise, President Gabriel Boric suspended his vacation, which began on Thursday in Patagonia, and headed yesterday afternoon to one of the hardest-hit cities, Chellan, where he reports that he has asked for help from friendly countries.

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