At least 1,200 are being held after the dismantling of the camp of Bolsonaro supporters from which the attack on democracy originated

Last Monday, the Brazilian police authorities finished definitively the lifting of the last bastion of the camp that had been set up just over two months ago by followers of former President Jair Bolsonaro at the gates of the army headquarters in Brasília, with the final arrest of 1,200 people. According to the sources, the settlers were in front of the army headquarters in the capital.

Elements of the Brasília Military Police and National Security Forces came at 7:00 am (local time) this Monday to warn the last of those who continued to remain in the camp they were in. I managed to attack the headquarters Of the three powers they had one hour to leave.

The evacuation took place without confrontations, although some arrests were recorded, as the majority of those who were in the camp chose to leave before the last notice from the authorities led by the Minister of Defense, José Museo, and the civil home, Rui Costa, told the Brazilian media.

The Brasília government has chartered about forty buses to take out about 1,200 vagrants still in the camp and take them to federal police offices, where they will be interrogated.

Throughout Monday morning, agents began to dismantle the camp after the military denied police entry on Sunday evening. According to government sources that O Globo newspaper had access to, the refusal could have been motivated because many of the campers were relatives and acquaintances of the military.

In response, Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, one of the targets of the extremists, ordered the dismantling of the camp and the temporary dismissal of the governor of Brasília, Ibañez Rocha, after the anti-democratic actions that took place on Sunday, with the assault on the seats of the three powers.

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Replacing Rocha, the capital will be led by Vice-Governor Celina Liao, who has been decreed by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva with federal intervention to assume security powers.

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