ASMR, the biggest silent trend you’ve never heard of with millions of followers

The ASMR boom multiplied to expansive effect and an entire YouTube subculture was created. They call it the biggest silent trend you’ve never heard of. Some describe it as a massage or orgasm because of the pleasure it produces. And it is that we live in a society with a great burden of stress and demands, and these tools are ideal for creating a sense of comfort or relaxation. Which explains why there were 65,000 million views in 2021 related to ASMR videos on YouTube. It is activated by whispers, rustles, the sound of wrinkled wrappers, or stopping or repetitive movements. To explain the subjective sensory response (ASMR), physiologist Craig Richard describes his own experience: “I’m bald, but I don’t miss my hair. What I miss is going to the hairdresser. I loved it when they ran their fingers through my hair while I was washing it in the sink. I enjoyed it.” When they led me to the chair. I even loved the soft sound of scissors. Right next to my ear, and I was enjoying them so much and being so comfortable, in that moment of such gentle personal attention, it was so calming to me. And it tickled my brain a little. I knew that was that very response It had a special name, ASMR. Diego Ridollar, a neuropsychologist and professor of neuroscience at the University of Oklahoma, points out, “ASMR is a very strange thing: What a person experiences is a calming sensory sensation, a kind of tingling on the skin that starts on the scalp, goes down through the neck, and continues through the neck.” spine. The person feels a slight euphoria. A study from Swansea University concluded that it is a complementary therapeutic procedure to “mindfulness” or meditation, and there are “spas” that already include it. Related news Science fiction writers attract companies and governments Alexia Columba Jerez NATO, Coca-Cola, Visa or WHO … More and more companies, organizations and ministries are exploring imaginary worlds to envision possible scenarios and uses without financial or technological constraints, because sometimes, A company’s biggest failure may be visualization. “It has to do with a person realizing that they are receiving positive personal attention from another person, using a gentle tone and expression,” Ridollar points out. It has been used by professionals to treat depression, panic disorders, and insomnia or anxiety. The phenomenon was christened in 2010 and Google since 2016 has already indicated that ASMR will be one of the great trends on YouTube. Searches have grown by 200% worldwide. And in Spain, specifically in Asturias, La Rioja, Galicia or Extremadura, the term appeared. ASRM-dedicated YouTubers and tiktokers called ASMRtist-turned-relaxation gurus can gain a large following and monetize their proposals. And just one ASRM video can exceed ten million views. For starters, you can learn about short ASMR Tik Tok videos. Google Data Global ASMR Search Interests Youtube Google Spain Ana Muñoz is one of the most popular with her own Love ASMR channel. There are also ASMR rooms with cozy settings, blazing fireplaces and crackling logs. And Bloomberg highlighted that some Spotify podcast creators will be paid more than €15,000 per month for ASMR productions. Museums are also joining this trend, and science is studying it. ASMR has gone from being a terrible thing to being taken seriously by brands like Adidas or McDonalds. In this regard, neuromarketing has been an outlet for this viral phenomenon and seeks to appeal to this growing community. Because ASMR helps access the mental space of the consumer without having to pester him with unrealistic descriptions or images. Brand proximity Francisco Torreblanca, Graduate Professor at ESIC Business & Marketing School, comments that “ASMR generates perceptions and sensations that can generate more closeness to the brand, curiosity about it and, why not, loyalty.” And when it comes to concrete examples, Torreblanca mentions that at the 2019 Superbowl, where every second is worth millions, an ad for the Anheuser Busch brewery ran, using ASMR to create a monstrous brand memory. They did things as part of the ritual of drinking beer, from the touch of their fingernails to a glass, to what a bottle looks like when left on a table, or the effect of opening a cap. The case of Ikea was also curious about Torreblanca, it was up 4.5% in store sales, 5.1% in online sales. Image of mobile desktop icon, subwoofer and app AMP icon APP code Similarly, Renault has included whispers and rhythmic sounds produced on the bodywork in the advertisement for its Zoe electric car. Renault’s advertisement for its electric car, the Zoe, included whispers and rhythmic sounds made on the body. A Renault spokesperson explains to the ABC that the campaign evokes ASMR sensations based on votes obtained from Renault Zoe E-Tech’s 100% electric features: drive, electrical connectivity and leather seats. Image of mobile desktop icon, amplifier, and app Mobile Code AMP Code APP Code Torreblanca highlights the case of KFC: “They made the analogy between the sound of rain and the sound of chicken frying. Changing the negative qualities of fried chicken for the natural rain that spews out the audience. The key here is to always have a strategy, not just which frequency of sound is worth it, a balance of auditory, visual and tactile has to be achieved.” Mobile desktop icon image Subwoofer and app AMP icon APP code Described as a natural anxiolytic, Samsung even got The patented Galaxy that was created allows users to record ASMR with a professional video mode, which generates surround sound to enhance the feeling of closeness.It is not known if it works because The suggestion effect, that is, the placebo response, something people see in a pejorative manner.But the placebo effect produces real changes in the brain.However, Redolar qualifies that while it is addictive in some, in others it is indifferent or even It generates misophonia, which is when those same sounds cause irritation.Some say it’s linked to the release of dopamine and the neuron hormone oxytocin, known as the “love hormone.”More infoThe rise of the nerve sector and implants: projects that Ra the seed of man and machine The secret of eternal youth is hidden in the elderly and in the city of Sardinia technology deploys all its weapons against the epidemic of silent loneliness A 2022 Ipsos survey of Generation Z revealed that 83% used YouTube to watch relaxing content, such as ASMR. “While baby boomers should figure this out, for millennials it would be excellent antistress content,” says Torreblanca. Understandable or not, he’s emotionally engaging and adding followers in a low, comforting voice.

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