“As malas mulleres” by Marilar Alexander, National Narrative Award 2022

Marilar Alexander (Madrid, 1947), narrator, poet, and translator who uses Galician as a literary language, received an award National Narrative Award 2022for his work as bad women (Galaxia), a story about the situation of women in prisons in the nineteenth century.

The prize, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, was awarded in the amount of €20,000 and recognized, according to the jury’s decision, “its original hybrid structure that makes it a unique historical account of the prison situation for women in the nineteenth century, with remarkable leadership for dialogue and language”.

In addition, the jury noted that “the work relives memory in a remarkable way in dialogue with literary traditions. A chorus of female voices from different social classes presents elements of folk poetry and oral culture.”

author”It emphasizes inequality while offering an optimistic view: resilience and human liberation, which highlights the importance of brotherhood and commitment to others & rdquor; The jury has indicated.

Marilar Alexandre, born in Madrid, received a chair at the Institute of Natural Sciences in 1973 and went to Galicia, where she studied biology at both secondary education and the University of Santiago de Compostela. His career evolved around writing and teaching, teaching science education at the University of Santiago.

Collaborates regularly in literary magazines and in the literary pages of The voice of Galicia s Galician Post.

His first steps into the literary world were in children’s novels, reaching the 1986 and 1987 finals for the Merlin Prize. In the field of writing for adults, titles such as novels stand out. Chaos Theory (Xerais Novel Award 2001) or as bad womenwhich also won the 2020 Blanco Amore Prize for Fiction) and Collection of Poems removalwho won the 2006 Caixanova Poetry Prize. In 2017, she entered the Royal Galician Academy.

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The jury, chaired by María José Gálvez, General Director of Books and Reading Promotion, is made up of Guillermo Rojo Sánchez, appointed by the Royal Spanish Academy. Anna Isabel Polon-Agrelo, of the Royal Galician Academy; Look at Karmele Azkarate Villar, of the Royal Academy of the Basque Language; Manuel Lanas Pont for the Institute of Studies. Catalan. Àngel Calpe, by the Valencia Academy of Language.

Also by Francisco Florette Duran, by the Conference of Deans of Spanish Universities (CRUE); María Luisa Etxenic Orbistondo, for the Spanish Writers Association (ACE); Fernando Laraz Elorriaga, by the Spanish Association of Literary Critics; Carolina Fernandez Garcia by the Federation of Associations of Journalists in Spain (FAPE); Isabel Ortega Sanchez, for the Center for Gender Studies at UNED; Margaryta Yakovenko Zhurabel, for the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and Jesus Antonio Fraga Sanchez, award-winning author on the 2021 call.

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