artificial intelligence | Games with artificial intelligence: from tricycles with tablets to augmented reality puzzles

Games with artificial intelligence are already here. Stories from the books move to the screen for children to continue learning as well as puzzles once a picture is completed Come back alive through augmented reality.

he Technological Institute of Children’s and Leisure Products (AIJU) and the University of Valencia Institute for Research in Artificial Intelligence (VRAIN) affiliate Polytechnic University of Valencia They staged the early days of AI to show the role this discipline plays in key sectors of society such as gaming and health.

the tricycle They reinvent themselves. Aiju proposes to incorporate it into the traditional model A tablet device in which children imagine the traffic education park Through which they interpret the signals.

project manager Jose Carlos Sola He explains that this three-wheeled vehicle can be used in any environment, and they can even use it on a trial basis before venturing out into the real world. The goal is to be smaller Learn by playing

It can also be adapted to bicycles so that the product can cover a wider range of ages. The prototype has already been created so far The associate companies will be responsible for bringing them to market. As for the reaction of the children, they confirm that it is positive. “They love it, it’s something out of the ordinary.”

Another of the items designed with Artificial intelligence is puzzles with augmented reality. Once the pieces are assembled, a real life picture is reproduced with Augmented Reality.

“It creates a window-like effect, as if we were leaning out,” Sola explains. In this case, the image that corresponds to some ducks It also makes sounds and moves across the screen.

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the Books also have a leading role in artificial intelligence. The stories move to the screen so that the little ones can learn in a more interactive way. The characters come to life, so you can see their reproduction Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech.

Classes will be hosting soon Robots and drones. These items can be used to teach students to code. “Forward, backward or turn are some of the abilities that robots can perform if we program them through a computer,” explains Barbara Seguí, computer developer at Aiju.


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he health sector It is also not far from artificial intelligence. Will become bicycles Another item in the query. Especially for those patients who were heart operation And they have a rehabilitation process ahead of them.

The patient will put on the virtual reality glasses and put his foot on some pedals and the doctors will do it They will put many sensors that will measure tension, pulses … This project has already been implemented at the University Hospital of Alicante, where health professionals are carrying out the first tests.

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