Art collections auction Microsoft founder Paul Allen hits record high

auction From the art collection of Paul Allen, co-founder of MicrosoftAnd the Achievement a record $1,506 million this Wednesday at Christie’s in New Yorkwhere buyers quickly bid and multiply the estimated values ​​of almost all business.

Allen group, which Covers about 500 years of art historywas divided into two days and this first night was shown sixty high-value pieces, which, combined, far exceeded the 922 million pieces collected in May at the Macklowe Collection sale, by far the most expensive in history.

It was the most sought after business Wonderful Impressionist masters and the best example of this was “Les poseuses, comble” by Georges Seuratan intimate portrait made with his signature raster technique, which sold for 149.24 million, five times the artist’s maximum price.

The $100 million mark has also been crossed A Cézanne (‘La Montaigne Sainte-Victoire’, 137 million), a Van Gogh (‘Verger avec cypres’, 117 million)Gauguin (“Maternité II”, 105 million) and Klimt (“Birch Forest”, 104 million), all set new milestones for their signatories.

Despite its low price, they also highlighted a family photo of Lucian Freud (86 million), One of the famous bridge scenes Claude Monet (64 million)abstract and color painting by Jasper Johns (55 million) and scenery of the canals of Venice, by Édouard Manet (about 52 million).

From the start of the sale, interested parties were systematically seen bidding until almost all artists’ records were broken, raising the question whether the quality of the treasures left by Allen had more weight or the will to enforce them. His desire that the proceeds go to charitable causes.

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Attendees focusThere were great New York merchants And even billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, according to the New York Times, was only interrupted at the end, when it was announced that he had raised more than 1,500 million after the last hammer blow and there was outrageous applause.

Auction forecast has also been applied to the public, which in recent days He was waiting in line to get to Christie’s headquartersat Rockefeller Center, and see nearly 150 works from Botticelli to Hockney collected by the businessman, who died in 2018 and is considered a “visionary,” also in art.

The Allen Collection became the most expensive before the sale ended and The value will continue to grow tomorrow, when the remaining 95 pieces are auctioned offwhich start at much lower estimated prices than today, from a minimum of $3,000 to a maximum of three million.

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