‘Art Attack’: This is how Arteta built an almost invincible Arsenal

Mikel Arteta sheds light on Arsenal after years mired in ‘post-Wingers’ darkness. “Edison invented the light bulb and I want to see the team connected and shining because a light bulb by itself is nothing. You have to transmit light and passion to your partner and connect 60,000 fans so they generate more power. Electricity gives life. Otherwise, everything will be very dark. Regardless.” How good we are, what makes us special is our attitude. Go out, turn on the light and play football,” admitted the Spanish coach, lamp in hand, speaking before the Brighton clash in April recorded on Amazon’s “All or Nothing”. They lost (1-2) and ended up crashing out of the Champions League, but the way was lit for a club breaking the Premier League’s “status quo”.

Arsenal are doing brilliantly. Better than us! If they continue like this, they can reach 100 points and we won’t be able to fight them.“, warned Pep Guardiola. The Manchester City boss, who had Arteta with the letter ‘L’ in his coaching staff for three years (2016-19), has estimated an intractable mass: they are five points ahead and one game less than the defending champions, who have won four of their The last five leagues and who is afraid of Haaland’s mistake, and takes eight from United, which they receive tomorrow. We must limit perfection, “Mikel pointed out. However, getting to the top was a matter of faith.

Arteta cheers up the Arsenal dressing room by comparing it to a light bulb

multi-year plan

In Antigoco and La Masa, two references in youth football, Arteta grew up and left his class in midfield Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain, Rangers, Real Sociedad, Everton and Arsenal, from which he retired in 2016 at the age of 34.Jumping on the seats. “My philosophy will be clear. I want my football to be expressive, entertaining, dictate the game and take the initiative. You can have an idea and a system, but you have to change it depending on the players you have. You can’t always play the same thing”, in short.

“I have the positional game in the factory, from Parra. There they convinced me it was the best way to play and I was the one who had to convince them in other teams that this was the way. Offensively, the positional game is in-ne-go-cia-ble. Then, pressing high, intensity after losing, playing with the high line, on the opponent’s field … Yes, but the nuances are given to you by the characteristics of the player, “he admitted to MARCA in 2019.

a Consistent style since becoming Arsenal manager in December 2019, succeeding Unai Emery. The ‘Gunners’ finished 12th and were in the midst of an identity crisis after more than two decades with Arsne Wenger. “We have to change the energy of the club. We have to try to involve everyone, with a different way and way of thinking. I want everyone to have the same mindset, and build a culture that supports the team so that it doesn’t fall hard sometimes,” Arteta explained.

Since landing at the Hill End, the Spanish boss has plunged into 12-hour marathons to lead Arsenal into another era.. He was responsible, with the club’s support, for modernizing mechanisms and structures that had been in place and outdated since Wenger’s time. He restructured the youth academy, the scouting model, the squad… He touched everything for two years in which the results were not good.

They won the FA Cup in their first season, but finished eighth. They repeated their position in 2020-21, staying out of Europe for the first time since 1995-96. Last year they started at the bottom of the rankings and climbed to fourth place. However, they fell short in the final race in a bid to return to the Champions League, which they have not set foot in since 2017.

Patience is key

Pundits asked for Arteta’s silent boss after every defeat. “The day I decided to become a coach I assumed I would be fired and that cannot be the reason why I do or don’t do certain things. My biggest fear is disappointing people,” he said. The monarchy, headed by Stan Kroenke, fully supported him. “We have to be patient. We are building the future and we want stability.”Technical Director Edou confirmed.

Arsenal lost, but their rivals paid tribute to Arteta. “I want to congratulate him. Tactically, he’s very good. I’ve been playing football for a long time and I know how to read long-range situations, so I can say he’s doing a great job. He’s capable of it. To become a great coach, I know a lot of people will They laugh because we’re down to the 14th, but I told them I wish they’d give them time. If they do, Arsenal will be with him again.Mourinho conceded after losing 2-0 with Tottenham in the December 2020 derby.

I told Arteta I hope they give him time. If they do, Arsenal will be with him again.

Jose Mourinho on Arteta in 2020

“Every time I see him, his team is better than the opposition. They have an exceptional structure, with quality and energy. In the future, if given time, they would be rivals to fight for titles.. Mikel has been an important part of the successes we’ve had,” explained Guardiola in February 2021. He said…and he did.

Tailor-made team

With full powers Arsenal have established themselves in the market since Arteta’s arrival. “We want to fill our squad with some of the most exciting young talent in Europe, with players from our academy and elsewhere, who can grow and develop with Mikel to take us where we want to go,” said the CEO. Director Already in 2020. Vinai Venkatesham. Once the Emirates debts were settled, Arsenal began signing. “We’ve been able to balance the workforce. And financially, we’ve become more stable. It’s time to raise the quality,” Arteta explained.

since his arrival, The ‘Gunners’ have invested 417.5 million euros in signings with Odegaard, Gabriel Magalhaes, Thomas, White, Ramsdale, Zinchenko, Gabriel Jesus … Yesterday, winger Leandro Trossard (Brighton) was confirmed without going any further. Los recin llegados se han unido a talentedos prometedores como Saka, Martinelli, Nketiah, Saliba… formando una ‘Armada’ que manda in the Premier y de la que se fueron piezas claves como Aubameyang, Lacazette, zil… para que futbolistas How do Odegaard take their lead. Changing the script to rewrite the Premier League.

At the height of “invincible”?

The 47 points in 18 days added by the 40-year-old boss Arsenal is an improvement on the 42 points the indomitable Wenger racked up in the same period. [ver grfico]. Henry, Vieira, Bergkamp… They were champions in 2003-2004 without defeats. He was the last foreigner at a club seeking the title after 19 years having undergone a radical change: in 2021-22, in Ecuador, they were fourth and eleventh, two years ago and three years ago. They went from losers to winners after they put scissors to their football. Pure Art Attack.

Arteta has very clear things. Your team knows what to do, how and when to do it in the 90 minutes

Lorraine Besan Etam, former Premier League hero with Arsenal

“At Arsenal, Wenger and Arteta, the ball coming in from behind is not negotiable. I see some similarities like the movement of the ball that seeks to be vertical. Possession with quick turnarounds seen in many matches has been a hallmark of the club since our time.“, Tells Lauren Besan Etam. The English Premier League champion in 2002 and 2004 with Arsenal praised the Spanish coach, although he believed that “comparing him to Wenger is big talk.”

The owners did not lose patience and gave Mikel time and trust

Francis Kajigau, former Technical Secretary and former Chief Scout for Arsenal

“You don’t have to run. We have to wait and see the results, but Arteta has things very clear. His team knows what to do, how and when to do it in 90 minutes. The pressure after losing, the attempted steal in the opposite field is stifling and everyone knows how to position themselves depending on where they are.” the ball. The team looks good, and if the leaders arrive at the beginning of February and do not get dizzy, while maintaining the current streak, they can be championsBe the.

Break with Wenguerismo

Francis Kajigau, former technical secretary and former chief scout for Arsenal for 24 years with Wengeranalyzes their “flourishing”: “The key was the confidence they gained after a very strong start to the league, as well as the continuity of a young and aggressive group. They always play for eleven teams and have never had any major injuries, except for Gabriel Jesus. The owners did not lose patience and gave Mikel time And trust, in addition to investing heavily, which they were unable to do previously because of the stadium project.

For Amy Lawrence, journalist at The Athletic covering ArsenalArteta is the architect of his success. “His favorite words are unity and identity,” he says. “The modern Arsenal was born out of these two ideas. Team comes first and that made energy and confidence grow rapidly. They all believe in the same ideas, goals and flows of their football.”

Arteta’s favorite words are unity and identity. The modern Arsenal was born from these two ideas

Amy Lawrence, journalist for The Athletic

“Only Xhaka survives a post-Wenger team that previously clung to its past and struggled with its present. They suffered from bad transfer policy, some complacency and a toxic atmosphere that Arteta changed with strong principles and determination. Now they are eager to improve. And succeed. Mikel prioritized loneliness and involved frustrated fans. He made brave decisions and created his own team by eliminating unsuitable players like Zil or Aubameyang. Lawrence says the board is convinced they have the person who will redefine Arsenal’s ‘dog’ Arteta.

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