ART | A woman accidentally broke a $42,000 statue of Jeff Koons

A woman accidentally broke a $42,000 statue of Jeff Koons Which was shown at an art gallery in Miami (USA), but fortunately for him he wouldn’t have to pay for it, as local media reported.

Porcelain figurine “Balloon Dog”, It is about 38 cm high and blue in colour. It was part of the pieces that were scheduled to be shown at Art Wynwood Gallery in Miami, in South Florida, which opened the doors for its 10th edition on Friday.

According to the local Miami Herald, the woman, who has not been identified, You won’t have to pay for the part which ended up on the ground in pieces since the statue was secured.

I saw this woman was there and she was hitting her and then the thing fell off Artist and art collector Stephen Gamson, a witness to the accident that occurred Thursday night during the opening of the exhibition, told local channel WSVN that the pieces were shattered into thousands of pieces.

As Jameson recounted, Many were surprised and thought it was an artistic “show”. by the booth of the Bel-Air Fine Art Gallery, which displayed the sculpture.

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The vandalized work is a miniature replica of the famous 12-foot Balloon Dog statue Tall and made of brushed stainless steel, which is on display in Los Angeles (California).

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The artist, born in Pennsylvania and residing in New York City, pMade from the second half of the ’90s from these iconic sculptures In various sizes depicting animals, most of them are made of stainless steel and have a finish similar to a mirror or glass effect.

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