Arrows in Gran Vía | The secret history of Madrid: two statues facing each other

Madrid is admired by many for the union of the architectural ensembles that hold it together. It has some emblematic places in Spain and many buildings earn interest of all visitors Year after year. However, DC has some private angles which usually go unnoticed by ordinary passers-by, but which hide exotic treasures.

On one of the busiest roads in the city, in front of the entrance to the huge Primark department store, there are two signs on the ground that many overlook when passing through that area. specified location in Gran Via 32, And the heroes are about two long arrows one meter in length excavated on the ground.

Diana the Huntress and the Phoenix Statue

If you’ve been wondering what two arrows etched into the middle of the floor of one of Spain’s most famous streets do, the answer is a few meters above you. On the opposite facade, directly on the frieze Gran Via 31, You can see a golden sculpture more than 5 metres: Diana the huntress. The goddess, protector of nature and the moon in mythology, is represented accompanied by five dogs and supposedly shooting an arrow from her bow. But to whom does he direct his attacks?

In the legend, Diana was completely smitten with a young shepherd named endymion who visited him every night after he came down from the moon. When Zeus discovered this romance, he entrusted it to Phoenix They kidnapped the boy to hide him from his daughter so they could never see each other again. As in all mythological legends, the goddess did not abandon her love and chased away the bird, which she attacked with her arrows, to free her lover.

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This is how the scene can be seen when you move away from the marked point: on the left is a statue of Diana whose arch points to the other one on the right.

How long have they been there?

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This scene is represented by the sculptor Natividad Sanchez, who, paying attention to the smallest detail, decided to add Diana’s failed arrows to the cobblestones that were below the statue of Phoenix and Endymion.

The great golden Diana, along with her five dogs, crowns the roof of the Hyatt Centric Gran Via Since 2017. It all started when Hyatt Group wanted to recreate this beautiful legend and Uniting the sidewalks and the sky of Madrid in this way.

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