Arrested in Colombia when they tried to transport cocaine to Madrid in ‘Narcopelucas’

The Colombian Anti-Narcotics Police Two women were arrested at two different airports in the country when they attempted to travel to Europe, via Madrid, to transport several parcels of cocaine.

The method they used was identical and completely unexpected: they wore capsules of medicine hidden in their hair extensions. The authorities have already christened this system as “Narquigues“.

“The Anti-Narcotics Directorate, through the controls implemented by our men and women at the country’s airports, by classifying the passengers, was able to arrest two women when they tried to seize Two kilograms of cocaine It was camouflaged in hair extensions, heading to Europe, Colonel Carlos Alberto Bots Gómez, head of the airport area for the Drug Enforcement Police, explained.

One was detained at Jose Maria Cordova International Airport, in Rionegro (Antioquia), while the other was intercepted in Alfonso Bonilla Aragon, in Palmira (Valle del Cauca).

Their suspicious situation caused the security men to pass them through a body scanner, where they spotted suspicious lumps in the hair. He was one of them too Several tubes are inserted into their intimate parts with 200 grams of cocaine Filler. In total, between the two searches, they found 1950 grams of cocaine.

Both had tickets to land in Madrid, which made the authorities believe that they belonged to the same group of drug traffickers.

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