Around the World in Six Books: A Classic for Every Continent

No region of the world lacks novels. Some continents have taken longer than others to perfect the art of the book, but tales and stories, told out loud, acted out or drawn, have been ubiquitous since the beginning of time; We are synonymous with humanity. Writing, sometimes carried in boats and imposed by force, served at first for It immortalizes stories that have already been told for centuries. And though the writers of a continent today can write perfectly about things that happen in another place and another time, every place on the planet has at least one great writer representing its land. Here, a list with some.

Latin America | ‘a hundred years of isolation’

Not only is it the most popular book in South America, with over 50 million copies sold. It is also one of those works that encapsulate the essence of culture. Through the genealogical tree of the Buendía family, the evolution and disappearance of Macondo, García Márquez narrates the inexplicable events that stir up a continent, give it life, set it against the wall and point the gun at it. The foolishness of the people, as well as their stubbornness, will make history repeat itself and repeat itself.

America | “August Light”

The American South in the early twentieth century appears, to the reader of our time, as an invented world. naturally, August light It is a work of fiction, but the characters, their individuality and the way they are tightly connected It represents a shallow nationBuilt by immigrants who hate each other. Christmas, whose alien appearance is due to the fact that his mother is white and his father is black, moves through the South like a minefield, marginalizing himself as if the secret of his appearance is a chain he forced himself to carry.

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Europe | Yesterday’s world

The antiquity of the European literary tradition makes it unfair for it to be fully represented by one book. There are incomparable masterpieces, such as Don Quixote also Les Miserables, which could represent the world if alien races knocked on our door. Maupassant, with his short stories, clearly demonstrates the individual character of the Europeans of the fourteenth century. Dickens’s crystal clear social observation, W History of two cities It could be the heading that precedes this paragraph. But the novel that best explains the order or chaos in Europe today is Stefan Zweig’s. The Viennese author lived during the first half of the twentieth century and recounts the abrupt changes brought about by the First and Second World Wars in his life. The author writes: “Since I began to grow a beard until it was covered with gray hair, in that short period of time, hardly half a century, more radical changes and transformations took place than in ten generations.” Zweig It contrasts the great technological advances of the time with an accelerating moral decline.

Asian | “Midnight’s Children”

The same thing is happening in Europe and in Asia. We are talking about a continent Arabian Nights or who A dream in the red room. But if we had to choose a book that represents Asia today, midnight kids It’s a great choice. Salman Rushdie’s literature cost the author dearly. by The Satanic Verseswas sentenced to death 33 years ago, because Muhammad is depicted aggressively. Last year he was stabbed at a conference in New York, but the author is doing well. midnight kids, published in 1988, was the book that launched his career. It depicts the life of Saleem Sinai, who was born at midnight on the date of India’s independence from British rule and left behind the colonial era, on August 15, 1947.

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Africa | Everything collapses

Achebe lived for 30 years in British-dominated Nigeria. When he was at university, he rejected the British name he was given, Albert, and replaced it with the name by which he is known today: Chinwallumugu. He was educated in an English language school, so he grew up between Western culture and the Igbo tradition. Based on his own upbringing and experience in colonial Africa, Achebe wrote his first novel, Everything collapses. Okonkwo, the protagonist of the story, is an important man in Umuofia, however After accidentally killing a clan child, he is banished. Years later, upon returning to Umuofia, he finds his homeland occupied by the British. Everything I knew has changed.

Oceania | “wild study”

It was originally published in London, because the image of the honest and hard-working Australian, which was the norm in the Australian publishing market, was not represented in these stories. Instead, Barbara Payton wrote what she really knew: The harshness of a country divided between a formidable hostile wasteland and a seaside civilization the size of an appendage.. His stories border on the horror of everyday life, as do his novels Southern Gothic America’s lost generation. About these pages about racism, discrimination and violations against women that existed in an isolated community. It is a window into the dark side of one of the outermost corners of the planet.

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