Are you between 40 and 60 years old? This is a gripping anti-aging haircut

The latest hair trends speak for themselves: short hair never gets old, on the contrary. With the right cut, a woman can look 10 years younger in one session. We are not talking about science fiction, but about simple optical effects that enhance certain parts of the face and reduce imperfections. A play of flexible and lively movements characterizes the most beautiful and elegant short haircuts at the end of the summer of 2022.

Color will also play an important role. The latest trends confirm the triumph of bright colors also for the upcoming summer season. For those who do not like dyeing but want to lighten their color and hide hair regrowth and gray hair, the market offers several alternatives. Some strategies not only coat hair with gorgeous color but also deeply nourish it.

Finding the right color, but also the right cut for every woman and every age, is certainly no cakewalk. In addition to personal taste, a number of factors must be taken into account. Face shape and hair type, for example, are elements that a hairstylist must pay close attention to. On the other hand, it is better to leave the hairdresser with a story that enhances us, rather than the latest fashion that does not do us justice.

But in the summer of 2022, we’re seeing a real change in style. More and more trends are marrying modern lines that are easy to style. And the best thing is that many of the cuts are designed to please both straight and curly.

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In recent years, the pixie cut has been in fashion. Basically it’s a very short bob, especially at the nape. A haircut that was greatly appreciated by older women but also by younger women who wanted to make their hair bold, revealing their face.

For the summer, the pixie cut becomes “cropped.” This is the anti-aging haircut that really exists. Short but more tense. According to industry experts, this version was created by taking inspiration from two other popular pieces: the mullet and the condensation. Basically, it has a more tapered and elongated look than a short bob. In general, with this cut, the hair is rolled up and combed forward, framing the entire face. The nape is also covered with hair (albeit slightly). The front ponytail accentuates the cheekbones and outlines the face, visually increasing the volume of the forehead. A hair style that favors natural drying (perfect for beach days), rather than frequent brushing with a hair dryer brush.

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