ARCO wraps up its 2023 edition with near pre-pandemic numbers

ARCOMadrid is closing its doors This Sunday, February 26th in Ifema Madrid, After four days saw an increase in the number of visits and Close to the numbers for 2020 And from the years before the pandemic. In 2020, the fair closed its doors with 93,000 visitors and the expectations of the organizers It exceeded 95,000 visitors this year.

ARCOM Madrid Director, Maribel Lopezthat the contents of the exhibition in this edition were “extraordinary” and many pieces were sold.

In remarks to the evaluation media, Maribel Lopez celebrated the galleries’ efforts and summed up that it was a “good fair,” amassing some 38,000 professionals from around the world. “The contents of the exhibition were exceptionalThe efforts of the galleries have been amazing, projects have been tailored to each stand. More and more work here as they do in their own spaces.”

There is also highlighted many national and international collectors, Which allowed many lots to be sold. “Expectations were very high, but we expected it. We could see that in the advance ticket sales or in the inquiries we made,” he said. In addition, it has positively evaluated that 15 exhibition spaces are reserved for women.

Participated in the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in this version 211 galleries from 36 countries, more than 450 international collectors and 200 invited professionals from 40 countries.


After its first conferences dedicated exclusively to professionals, ARCOmadrid has recorded significant institutional and corporate acquisitionsAmong them are the ARCO Foundation; he Reina Sofia Museum; Madrid Community; Madrid City Council; Aldo Rubino Foundation for the Museum of Contemporary Art Buenos Aires MACBA; TBA21 Thyssen-Bornemisza Contemporary Arts; Maria Christina Massavio Peterson Foundation; Helga de Alviar Foundation; Maria José Jove Foundation and DKV Seguros, among others.

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On the other hand, Maribel Lopez referred to the order of the Madrid Court which, last Saturday, confiscated, as a precaution, four works from Jose Maria Cecilia. “By legal notice they have been placed in custody until the judge decides what to do with them,” he explained.

It has also revealed that the Arco Foundation has acquired a total of Ten artists’ works, including eight women and two men. He stressed that “there is an exercise in the exhibition to highlight the work of women.”

Kings and the white dove

The Kings attended the ARCOMadrid Show last Thursday To open the 42nd edition they resumed calling some of the most representative gallery owners of the event, such as Helga de Alvear and Juana de Ispuro, In addition to experiencing the closing of Eurovision with the performance of the Spanish representative who will attend Eurovision this year, White Pigeon.

In this edition there was Attending for the first time in the exhibition of the Ukrainian Gallery, Although Kings Flight did not pass there. One notable stop was at Helga de Alvear’s gallery, where the legendary gallery owner introduced them both as “friends.”

After the usual visits to various media stands, the Kings closed this round at the RTVE stand, where the surprise was still waiting for them. singer White Pigeon, Who will represent Spain in this upcoming festival EurovisionHe performed the songEyaWho will travel to Liverpool?

“we have been deceived”

Once again, the exhibition ADN with Eugenio Merino – already prominent in other editions, for example with a piece of the dictator Franco in the soda machine – once again attracted attention with the work Picasso died here. A highly realistic simulation of the dead painting of the painter from Malaga.

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“Taking advantage of the anniversary of Picasso’s death, it is a way of remembering how this figure continues to serve as a tourist attraction, bringing gentrification to the city,” the gallery owner explained to Europa Press. Miguel Angel Sanchez. It is a work of 2017, from a series of three pieces, one of which is already sold out.

price Picasso died here. 45,000 euros. The portrait shows Picasso reclining in a striped shirt and white trousers, with his hands crossed. At the back of the gallery you can also see a painting by the artist Julio Anaya iHe imitates some of the painter’s most distinctive cubist forms from Malaga.

At the Max Estrella Gallery, Eugenio Ampudia has set up “GuernicaCollapsible as a refugee hut. Of the exhibition, they explained, “Not only because of the anniversary of Picasso, but because we also live in the context of war, and precisely this ‘Guernica’ is the total anti-war painting,” and also highlighted that the work contains the true dimensions of the original.

This same space houses the work of Marco Godoy, an artist in his 30s who has a file of protest banners for authoring his work. As a result, the “neon protest” with the popular “meme”. “we have been deceived” Or another neon take on one of the signs that were used in 15m:It’s right for you Lucho’.

“I work in protest language And take phrases from these claims so they don’t disappear. I want to condense different moments of social reality as with the 15-M banners, where there was a lot of spontaneous demand,” the artist noted in statements to Europa Press.

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Portuguese Gallery Monitor, with work Lucia Cantu and Elisa Montessori, It won the Lexus Award for Best Platform and Artistic Content at ARCOmadrid 2023. Likewise, the HOA Gallery in São Paulo won the IX Opening by Allianz Award, thus recognizing the work of artists Laís Amaral and Ayrson Heráclito.

In addition to the Roman gallery adultery and Valencia Liminal They received a special mention from the jury. Cervezas Alhambra The seventh edition of the Cervezas Alhambra Prize for Emerging Art has been awarded to artist Alberto Odirez for his work ‘If It’s Like Anything, It’s Not All’, chosen by an international jury of experts from among the final proposals.

For another year, the illycaffè at ARCOmadrid has supported the emerging young artists present at the exhibition through the XVI illy SustainArt Prize, given on this occasion to the Jerez-born artist Cristina Mejías, represented in the galleries Alarcón Criado and Rodriguez Gallery.

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In its sixteenth edition, the ARCO-BEEP Electronic Arts Award went to Evro / Zouche – Galería Senda- and Peter Weibel -Beckers + Kornfeld-, which will become part of the .NewArt {group;}, formerly known as the Beep Group. Brazilian artist Ze Carlos García, from Buenos Aires’ Pasto Gallery, has won the I Six Senses Ibiza Sustainable Art Prize, an award that this year has been incorporated into ARCOmadrid.

SOLO Group has awarded the Acquisition Award for the work “Liberating the Myth” by artist Sandra Vazquez de la Hora, from the Senda Gallery. Catalina de Angelide award went to work Esther Partigas – Nogueiras Blanchard-, Which adds to the group’s funds.

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