Archeology | They found a Roman tomb with unique characteristics in Malaga

The mayor of the city of Antequera in Málaga, Manolo Baron, with the vice mayor for historical heritage, Ana Ciprien, and the director of the museum and municipal archaeologist Manolo Romero, reported last Thursday through a press conference at A new discovery they described as “amazing”.

It is located around a It dates back to the second century AD. c.It consists of more than fifty burials and has a total of nearly two thousand years. This new Roman cemetery is located in the vicinity of Bobadilla, during the dry port works.

“We have spent many months guarding these discoveries in our municipal museum. Today we wanted to consolidate this discovery made in the first half of this year”

“We did Several months guard this discovery In our municipal museum. Today we wanted to move forward with this discovery made in the first half of this year,” explained Anna Cibrian.

Among the discoveries The tomb marked “307”. it’s a A lead ark, not something usual neither for time nor for region where it was located. In fact, there is very little in Spain that appears in Roman times. Inside were two teenagers, about 14 or 16 years old, one inside the coffin with a baby about three months old, and on it another teenager of the same age with another baby and a “very rare” device with 18 glasses, most of them in near mint condition. , and 25 symbols from the most popular game in Rome “Ludus latrunculorum” (“The Thief’s Game”).

Dry port works in Antequera

The discovery was made during the dry port works in Antequera. This discovery for nearly two thousand years starred in the territory of Bobadilla, point Great antique valueNear the cemetery of Las Maravillas and in the vicinity of the Roman Villa Singelia Barba.

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The tomb was moved in June to the Antequera City Museum where it is currently guarded.

until The public can not visitIt’s not on its terms, but it’s expected to be released soon. The device is on temporary display so it can be visited over the next few days.

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