Anti-corruption now concludes that Villarejo did not spy for Mutual and the judge is bringing the case

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office concluded that Commissioner José Manuel Viareggio did not do work for Mutua Madrilene and that the report, which appeared in the abstract as a “truncated project”, was “of a preliminary nature”. And not just because As indicated on its cover textBut because after examining the content, it is limited to revealing information without criminal connection,” a report said. As a result, the judge presented this separate piece.

The investigation into Viarigo’s alleged work for Mutua in 2009 with the Tandem College case already underway in the National Court, began in 2019. It was a separate piece No. 15, “Lumbe”, and he, along with his firms commissioner and attorney, Rafael Redondo, was charged; Former security director for the insurance company, Benjamin García Canyon.

In July 2021, Judge Manuel García Castellón proposed that they all be tried for bribery offenses, a decision that the Criminal Chamber would uphold in November of the same year by rejecting all appeals. Thus the term was opened for the parties to file the indictment, but instead the anti-corruption sent a report to the court on February 7. dismissal request disconnected segment timer.

There is no indication that Project Lump was finally implemented. So, There is no record of any payments made by Mutua Madrileña Because of the LOMB project or any administration made by the investigator José Manuel Villarejo due to any of the three phases that are planned to be developed, ”the public prosecutor’s office now says.

It concludes that “failure to carry out the order means that the investigated crime of bribery is punishable by” imprisonment for a term of one to two years and disqualification from public office for a period of three to six years. Thus, the crimes would end after five years. The unenforceable order that was under investigation dates back to 2009 and the investigation began only a decade later.

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He refers to two other aspects that were included in the investigation and were taken into account in order to prosecute the three accused. A business relationship between Mutua and Villarejo called Medialink “completely lacking in criminal significance” And the solvency report of the former head of the insurance company.

From this analysis, the plaintiffs assert that it gathers information exclusively from open sources and is “totally separate from the public functions” of the Commissioner and “his personal involvement” in the matter was not recorded.

No data from the “Frog” project.

There is a footnote to this, “An Activity Report of the Single Computerized Catalog of the General Council of Notaries” concerning women, in what the commissioner called a “toad” project and which was found in the course of the investigation into Mutua Madrilene.

of the projectThe data could not be obtainedWithout being recorded in any way nor commissioning investigator Jose Manuel Villarejo, reports or any payments ». But the data is there and reserved. Prosecutors asked the judge to send her to the main room for study.

And that was agreed by García Castellon, in a car dated Monday that ABC had access to. Issues a provisional refusal of the piece and of those investigated and deduces testimony with that report so that it is taken into account in the main part of the case, in which the alleged existence of a criminal organization is settled and its activities are recounted.

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