answer me | Paco Leon: “Luck is a logical consequence of being positive, but you also have to get up early and work hard”

– Did you know that your eyes are so scary? Looks like they saw what’s behind …

Yes I know. The important thing is that they say something. The eyes are a mirror of what you think, and since my head is somewhat lost, they seem to wander into the distance. Everyone in the family has something yellow in their iris.

– “Kindness takes you away from the world: do you agree with what your character says inside the closet?

Yes, highly sensitive people find it difficult to coexist in this aggressive and unfair world.

– Setting the Galician dialect and its answers with questions, Was your personal contribution to the character?

The questions for the answers were in the text, and this gave me a clue: Being inside should sound like Galician. It was part of the character’s make-up, such as the beard, the belly (which grows), and the rhythm of the voice. But at no time did I want to make a parody of the Galician, but wanted to escape from my way of speaking to believe the character; And since neutral accents make me so angry … The real thing is that many others are mixed up in your voice, as in life.

– (character) Watling is a version of loneliness, does he insist on believing in the company of ghosts and not feeling lonely?

She is alone, depressed and receiving treatment, and when you are that way, you cling to whatever gives you hope or the least explanation to understand your confusion. Do you believe in healing whether it is religion, psychiatrist or yoga.

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Baku, one imagines that you were born like this, actor. Is it congenital?, because his mother also has tissue & mldr;

congenital? It all started with me. But look, it’s still about the yellow we wear in our eyes, the camera might like … It makes us have a very cunning expression.

– And also I was autistic and curious, did you feel as a child that you were born in the wrong place?

Yes, when I was young, my feeling was what I do in this family (son of bar owner Antonio and Carmina, then a housewife and today actress Carmina Barrios). But when I got back from the trip, which is when I was a teenager, I realized I’m like them, a lot of my family.

At what age did you run away from home?

I didn’t run away, I left when I was 18 (laughs). With fellow Performing Arts students, at ESAD in Seville. I was always very good, ‘suavón’ what my mother says, and I always did what I wanted.

-that he was above all studying and reading, as I understand, and that his mother made his behavior ugly: “Your mind will dry up! rdquor; Were you afraid of becoming Quixote or something?

My mother was always very cruel, and it seemed to her that she read a lot. But I am very grateful to him for the freedom he raised us with, it was so important to be able to make decisions early in life.

– Half signed with his ex-wife Ana Costa, which in my opinion is the best series made in Spain, Madrid is burning. But in every tandem there is a good and the other less. Which one is the illustrious creator?

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What you say sounds stupid to me. Anna is a great screenwriter, writing is my duty. We are very different and fitness was very difficult and maybe that’s why the result was so happy. But to be a creative tandem, more than one work is needed and we have no more.

– You explained to Luz Melado in a great interview that you sometimes felt “impostor syndrome, because you came here by pure intuition?

Intuition is a very strange form of intelligence but it has a lot to do with honesty, and I think it’s the only one we should pay attention to amid so much uncertainty we live in. I trust me more and more, yes: I decide what I feel, by my intuition.

– With much luck? What is luck?

Luck seems to me to be a logical consequence of being positive, but you also have to get up early, get up early on many occasions, and work hard until reality makes sense.

Were you born standing or standing?

Isn’t it the same? Before that, babies who came from Feet often died, and it was assumed that those who survived birth were lucky. And as I have believed in him since I was a kid, he has always been very, very lucky.

– In that interview, he talked about the nodules, fears and obstacles that he experienced. Can you give me your contact or at least give me the recipe?

I struggle a lot to get rid of all this bullshit to try and be happy, and if I give you the opposite impression, it’s just because I’m a very good actor. That editorial photo I give out on networks, for example, is the effect of the opposite, to try to free myself from my inhibition.

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-Do you put Marugio of networks?

I have a very selective follower, and I definitely don’t get into those worlds hatersPeople mallrolleraNo way.

– and finally “I know who I am,” he said in that interview. Who is Paco Leon? Do you like it very much? What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Maturity is self-acceptance, right? Well, I’m at it, I’m almost 50 years old. I know who I am but I will need much longer than they give us to tell you. I’m a combination of who I want to be and what I’ve learned I’m not.

Well, at least tell me what you want to be?

A good person like my father.

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