anniversary party | Viajar magazine celebrates its 45th anniversary

“Since its launch in those transitional years, Viajar has accompanied Spanish and Hispanic society, which has evolved and opened up to the world. It has served as a guide for those who consider travel a unique and enriching experience that helps to better understand peoples and their cultures.” Javier Mallpresident of the Prensa Ibérica Group, when in his letter he hides the 45-year publication history.

The magazine celebrated its 45th anniversary with a passionate outdoor evening at the elegant Palace of the Dukes of Pastrana, on Paseo de la Habana in Madrid, sponsored by the Dominican Republic, Gibb, Nutalia and Oliva Nova. The ceremony was attended by authorities and personalities from the world of travel and culture, directors of brands collaborating with the publication, and many activists who accompanied the magazine during its nearly half-century history. Among them are actresses Megan MontanerAnd Cecilia Jessa And Montes Pedrocomedians Lara Palma And Carlos Latter“influencers” Xavier de Miguel And Matias Ferreirasinger Marilial She dances aloneor the actor George Torres.

journalist Pilar Garcia Muniz He welcomed the attendees and introduced the event, which began with the intervention of Javier Moll and was followed by the director of Viajar magazine, Josep Maria Palau.

“There is a desire to travel,” stressed the President of the Prensa Ibérica Group. “We are probably on the verge of one of the best years for tourism, a vital sector of our economy that has already surpassed pre-pandemic figures in spending and overnight stays. Restore sector steps on a metronome & rdquor ;. “Travel is a fashion and so is reading about travel,” said Javier Moll, who alludes to the more than 425,000 readers he gathers according to the same period last year; In addition, the most recent report from GFK, the Digital Audience Benchmark, attributes more than 600,000 unique online users to “travel”. Some of the characters that lead Moll to conclude that “Viagar’s 45th anniversary” testify to its journalistic quality and invite us to believe it has a great future.

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After his words, the audience was able to enjoy the universe of Viajar in a video about the 45 years of the magazine, which preceded the words of its director, Josep Maria Palau, for whom Viajar is the house of the word, the place where travelers, experts or amateurs meet to tell stories that It was brought from all over the world. And this has been the case for a long time, since that year Spain adopted the Constitution; Perhaps that is why Travel has also contributed so much to the democratization of travel from its pages & rdquor ;.

Palau also emphasized that “Viagar” would not be what it is today without the work of great directors over the past 45 years, “such as Lewis CarandellAnd Soledad Puertolas also Mariano Lopez” And without “the team that works in the magazine every day and always with the support of Prensa Ibérica who believes in adventure travel, and this is the most important thing for us & rdquor;

Afterwards, the attendees enjoyed a cocktail provided by Vilaplana Catering and a live performance by cellistfrom DJ Eloy Bustos, as well as different gastronomic proposals with different flavors from all over the world, such as Argentine empanadillas from Tita from Buenos Aires, Spanish tortillas from La Martinuca, croquettes from Solo de Croquetas, hamburgers from Nojo Burger, red tuna from Fuentes prepared by Sushiman, paellas from Paellitas Tradition and chilaquiles from Malacopa. They were also able to take home a souvenir from the evening thanks to Goodbye, Rita’s 360-degree photo booth.

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The dean of Spanish travel magazines has published its first issue for 45 years now. His story is linked to a legendary publication of the transitional period: “Notebooks for Dialogue.” At the end of 1977, Cuadernos para el Diálogo, which had played a major role in opposing Francoism and promoting relocation, decided to publish what would be the first Spanish travel magazine: Viajar. Writer and journalist Luis Carandel and director of the publishing company “Cuadernos para el Diálogo” Javier Gomez Navarrowho later became minister and would have tourism among his responsibilities, was responsible for shedding light on the project.

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In 1978 the first issue of Viajar appeared on newsstands, which has been distinguished since its inception for the quality of its text and photographs, and for the prestige of its regular collaborators. In 1981, the Vitor Gallery was born, an idea promoted by Viajar employees and which took shape in a project approved by the Secretary of State for Tourism, the National Offices for Foreign Tourism of Spain and the newborn Madrid Fair Foundation, Ifema. In the same year the title became part of Grupo Zeta, and in 2005 the magazine launched its digital edition. In April 2019 ‘Viajar’ became part of the Prensa Ibérica group, a new house in which it has completed more than 500 editions. From its new home, “Viajar”, the first Spanish travel magazine, continues to bet on adventures, dreams and the magic of discovering new places.

Each month presents between its pages reports on the usual destinations or secret corners of the world, with accurate, up-to-date and complete information. In addition, the publication contains the collaboration of many famous companies related to the world of travel, from unique destinations, luxury hotels, family trips, couples or friends, to reviews or gastronomic routes. Viajar is a quality magazine for a demanding audience and a reference for tourism professionals. In its online version, has more than 1 million unique users, with 2 million followers on social networks and is the Spanish-language travel magazine with the largest number of followers on Facebook worldwide, 1.7 million.

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