Animal advocates are calling for a New Year’s Eve without fireworks

It is usually one of the traditions that accompany the last night of the year fireworks, which can easily exceed 110 dB. The healthy impact it has on vulnerable groups and biodiversity. For this reason, the Franz Webber Foundation requires that adverse effects be taken into account when demonstrating its use.

It can be fireworks and firecrackers “The real torture ”, The Society of Natural Scientists noted Monday in a statement, especially for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or hyperacusis, among others.

It is not only a problem of noise pollution, but also of exposure to metal fumes “Potentially negative & rdquor; Naturalists warn, for people with common respiratory conditions such as asthma.

On the other hand, the High auditory sensitivity Of animals means that they may suffer from shocks, anxiety attacks or epilepsy as a result of fireworks, which sometimes leads to death.

And so, they remember, it happened in Rome during the festivities The new year In 2021, fireworks left more than a hundred starlings dead in the streets.

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In case if PetsThe situation could be avoided if they were removed from the sound effect and lowered the curtains. Mechanism not available to wildlife.

Some of the foundation’s proposals focus on city councils and citizens to alleviate this situation Night shows using drones or fireworks with low sound effect.

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