Andy Lau’s hopes come true, Anita Mui’s biographical film will be released next November

Anita Mui’s biopic will be released in November. This is a form of respect for the actress who has a classic style for her works in the entertainment industry.
In the official poster for the biographical film Anita Mui, it is stated that it will be released on November 12 this year. The film chronicles the life journey of the superstar and sets the scene from 1980-1990’s Hong Kong.

Apart from her career, the film also shows how Anita’s close relationship with her family, friends, and students made her known as a legend in Hong Kong. He also became a colleague and friend of several top actors such as Andy Lau.

This film is a project owned by Bill Kong, one of the big film companies in Hong Kong who is an old friend and fan of Mui. As we all know, Anita Mui Yim-fong’s full name is a singer and actress who is well-known in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

The woman who was born on October 10, 1963, died in 2003. He died after suffering from cervical cancer. Since his departure, it is not uncommon for several top celebrities to be hit and continue to respect his works in the entertainment industry.

At the celebration of Anita’s 58th birthday, Andy Lau also uploaded a photo of him together with Anita on his Instagram account. He wrote a caption that touched the heart.

Anita Mui and Andy Lau Photo: Doc. wife

“Happy birthday in heaven, Anita Mui. Forever will always be in our hearts,” wrote Andy Lau

Anita is also known to have a good personality. He has contributed to a charity and participated as a social activist.

The songs are also remembered because Anita has a distinctive voice as a singer. His presence on the singing stage at that time was very well remembered by the public because his songs were inherent in Chinese culture. She is the biggest female canto-pop (a term for the pop genre in China) singer in Hong Kong.

Behind the reverence and nostalgia for Anita Mui’s work, the film’s producer, Jiang Zhiqiang, seeks to fulfill Anita’s last wish.

In 2003, Anita and Jiang planned to make a film together. However, unfortunately Anita could not participate due to physical reasons. Therefore, Jiang Zhiqiang felt he owed Anita Mui films for many years.

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