Andropos | Male ‘menopause’ on screen: They also suffer from insecurities (and low libido)

Still, to this day, the conversation about menopause enters hostile territory mined with shame, guilt, and suspicion. But it has nothing to do with andropause, which contains the bulk of Middle-aged men fear that low levels of testosterone often mean a decrease in sexual abilities. Audiovisual fiction, always ready to wade through contemporary taboos and traumas, also took the silent horror of men for a walk in the following series and films.

‘Thus is life!’

“A film about the fragility of the human condition,” read the poster for this Blake Edwards comedy-drama. To be precise, about the male case. His hero is Harvey Fairchild (Jack Lemmon), A wealthy Malibu architect nearing 60 juggles real and imagined pain and dissatisfaction For everything and everyone, even the parties his wife (Julie Andrews) throws can’t calm him down. Let’s not laugh too much at the psychological conclusions of the film: As in My Problems With Women, Edwards enlisted the help of famed psychoanalyst Milton Wexler to write the screenplay.

‘American Beauty’

Now that the mention of Kevin Spacey has been fined, it might be hard to believe, but there was a time when this Sam Mendes movie was on everyone’s lips. And generally rave about it. Screenwriter Alan Paul combined The darkest satire with emotional truth (a bit like ‘Six Feet Under’) to shape this portrait of an advertising executive who, locked in a job and a marriage without affection, believes he can find his vital horizon in his teenage daughter’s boyfriend. Andropause or just silly inaction? For discussion, avoid a particular name.

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lost in translation

Signed by Sofia Coppola, it sure is a masterpiece with this unusual romantic comedy, an exploration of Tokyo’s vibrant urban frenzy and a kind of “brief encounter” updated in the days of SMS. Young Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) has engaged in a fleeting romance, perhaps about love, but not about sex, with wrinkled Bob (Bill Murray).. Much has been said about the shocking moral turn of events, but what if Bob had not dared to transcend Platonicism simply because of his male anorexia?

Komensky method

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Just when we thought we knew what comedy creator Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men, Big Bang) was doing, The Komensky Method has arrived to surprise us with its desire for intimacy and reflection on age. The seventy-year-old acting coach (Michael Douglas) and his eighty-year-old agent and best friend (Alan Arkin) must already have half the testosterone they had in their hormonal peak days. They get up twice as often to urinate. But they still have the energy to dress well, to try to flirt or to argue aggressively, especially among themselves.


The title already says it all: This Turkish comedy is a catalog of male midlife ailments. The protagonist, Yusuf (Engin Günaydin), is going through a bad time in his fifties and believes that dying his hair blonde or opening an Instagram account will make him rejuvenate. As if living like this wasn’t hard enough, after a doctor suggests she might be suffering from andropause, her life becomes a complete mess. The least important of all the proposals listed here.

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