Andrés Calamaro is back with a new edition of “Brutal Honesty”: Increase? No: excellent

My first memory of the subject in question (but also one of my most memorable) is that of Andresito C. is about eight years old (I had about six) He demolished with a heavy mace one of the walls of his room. He did this with the consent of his parents (my parents’ acquaintances) because they did not want to “castrate” his way of “expressing himself”. With the decades gone by and the nights shared, every time I conjure up this child-ruined postcard from Buenos Aires to Andrés, he looks at me and confines himself to a grin of Giocondo Mono Leso; As if I was hallucinating him or as if he regretted not continuing the demolition until the completion of the entire building.

In any case, it is known and heard, Kalamaro continued to break down walls and/or (as presented in one of his songs he loved best) he opens the door “like a lush poet.”

And yes, at that time, 1999, it was extremely hair-enriched Brutal honesty I really had neither more nor less Thirty-seven songs (one for each of the years that the author kept at the time) It is rather a complete repertoire with many walls and many doors. Now, in its Extra Brut and XL version reincarnation, it has six CDs including the well-known double disc, the single An original copy, Already three rewards in & alt With releases, returns, and everything else, too. excess? No: excellent.

And much has been said/sung about the gruff, turbulent, accidental, dizzying recording of one of those double albums that automatically refers to the founder of the Beatles/white album Where everything fits and everything is worth as long as it is good. a) yes, Brutal honesty (Although the immediate stylistic/aesthetic reference is blonde on blonde From Bob Dylan; s There’s “Te Quiero Igual,” as melodic as it is circular, playful, tender, brutal, and mercurial, such that I want you) Is it red album hot red.

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Here, a walled artist is in perpetual red alert and descends into the anti-atomic bunker to ascend to its highest peaks. Here, more walls to tear down: The divorce wall, the mirror wall and the bathroom medicine cabinet are deformed but solid (after emptying all his drugs) who no longer responds when asked who is prettier and sounds better, former rock star wall and very successful Post Rodriguez From high dirt Which is obscured by supernova etiquette, but the wall is covered without a blindfold.

So, there’s, frankly and brutally, Andres reddish like pink the wall. “yes, the wallbut also Door, floor, window, ceiling... “, he explained to me when I interviewed him in San Sebastián in the days of his departure Brutal honestywhen accompanied Tour not to be late From Bob Dylan – another stop of his endless tour – through different Spanish cities and calling in a low voice made by me For something he never stopped disarming himself to be able to arm around various cities and recording studios.

“There was a very exhilarating, absolutely awful moment where we were sure someone wasn’t going to make it to the end of the recording. It was like playing Russian roulette. We made bets. First we lost a sound engineer. Then I lost myself. Let’s see if I can find myself one of these days, ha! Many people were afraid… And all of them, always, felt with a cold gun on the back of their necks. All musicians involved in deep emotional crises or on the verge of one. If you are not divorced or divorced you have not played in it Very honest... But rock and roll is there, and what do you want me to tell you, it seems to me a perfect stage to live on in a year that ends with three nines. I also don’t know anyone who lived a year with three nines before… In short: Brutal honesty is mine End of the world now crossed with me Martin Fierro“, added.

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And of course there is something like this: there is gaucho-napalm in a gallop and there’s a sea water ride with valkyries. It’s also self-evident (“I’m lucky or unfortunate because a lot of times my songs realize what’s happening to me or what’s going to happen to me before I do. In that sense, Brutal Honesty is a terrible future album in terms of these fears I am”, AC predicts me) to him. Huge sequel extra brutal hangover: Just the following year, five CDs of salmon (which might also be called Moby Dick) before it disappeared from swimming/resting spots for a long time. and does not return to 100% (Singer, red ink s flower palace Like a cautious encounter with himself (almost through others) until 2007 with the awesome and cheerful popular language As he sings, triumphantly, “A part of me hasn’t changed and at the same time I’m no longer the old Andres who never slept.” But then there was still a little bit to go before all that and now it’s been way too long.

Fortunately, the music and the songs linger and the memory lasts and I remember that That night in 1999, in San Sebastian, in a luxurious hotel room, told AC that, in a recent report, Bob Dylan said he’s concerned that young singer-songwriters named Hank are no longer appearing. “Don’t say he said that…” AC told me. And just a second later, he hit: “Hankdris CalamaroSmiling as he was lush and poetic, he opened another door but that was not why he stopped to stare at the adjacent wall.

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