…and Bolsonaro went to sleep

strategy? anger? Want to be the center of attention? The resounding silence of current President Jair Messias Bolsonaro is not only keeping his country, the giant of Latin America, in suspense, but also the entire world. Last night, upon learning of the election results that gave victory to his opponent, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, with a very narrow margin of votes, only two million, he went to sleep. He did not even congratulate his opponent as required. Nor did he speak to his ministers. entered the bed. It is not known whether he slept soundly or freely get time To ponder what to say or what to do. Or not .. The truth is that his silence generates tension and uncertainty and raises all kinds of speculation.

The controversial president, who does not like the media and does not allow interviews, usually conveys his messages through social networks in true Trump style. This one is also silent at the moment. Despite Bolsonaro losing in the very close presidential election, it can be argued that he won a certain way, as no poll was conducted on the very narrow margins by which Lula da Silva managed to win: 50.90%, compared to 49.10%, the narrow percentage in United State. reconnaissance. Date. As well as more than 60 million votes obtained by the Labor leader.

until Russian President Vladimir PutinIn a “full-fledged military operation in Ukraine,” he congratulated the septuagenarian president on his victory and expressed hope that “constructive cooperation” would be maintained.

With whom did the current president, who will be in office until December 31, speak with Alexandre de Moraes, president Supreme court The election, which ruled out any objection to the results, despite hints given by Bolsonaro. the reason? He does not trust the electronic voting system and election judges and it is up to the air whether he will recognize the election result if the issue arises.

While other “Bolsonaristas” immediately recognized the results and assumed exhibition role. Among others, the chamber’s president, Arthur Lyra, who, after congratulating Labour, said that “the will of the majority expressed at the ballot box should never be questioned”. Bolsonaro’s ally, the elected governor of São Paulo, Tarciso Gomes de Freitas, who is very close to the president, also recognized Lula’s victory and offered him cooperation To help the country, according to “Folha de São Paulo”. In turn, other supporters spoke of fraud and asked the president not to give up.

Based on the results, which left a country divided into two halves, one on the left and one on the right, Lula pleaded that there was no “Brazilian” but one and that it was necessary to leave “a permanent war state and viewed the other as an enemy. Will Bolsonaro do that?”

At this point, it would be unusual for a Liberal Party leader to delegitimize the results and act like the beloved Donald Trump. He even said on some occasions that “only God will take him out of the chair,” as if he had some kind of divine mission.

the question is what are you going to do. Whether accepting his defeat, urging a recount, or provoking a court battle, which will add to the tension and polarity in which the country is mired.

there eloquent silenceThey talk about themselves. Let’s see if he gets out of bed.

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