analysis to film reviews, let’s take a look at how many secrets “Doctor Strange 2: Runaway Multiverse”

Every time there is a new work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will cause a series of discussions, and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is no exception, just appearing in the film The many secret characters of the film have provided fans with many topics. Next, let’s take a look at what interesting secrets “Doctor Strange 2: Runaway Multiverse” hides!

From easter eggs, analysis to film reviews, let's take a look at how many secrets "Doctor Strange 2: Runaway Multiverse" hides!

Now that the word “multiverse” has been put in the title, “Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse”, in addition to a large number of new characters, naturally hides a lot of interesting secrets, and even pointed out that Marvel Some possibilities for the future development of the cinematic universe. So this time, let’s list these interesting things one by one, and once again talk about how the film performed from the perspective of Lei.

1. Doctor Strange’s Multiple Skins

Shortly after the opening of “Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse”, another legend in the history of ponytail modeling that was sacrificed heroically, its shape is from the design of the comic “The Defenders” (The Defenders), as for the later part of the evil version of history. Legendary, stylistically reminiscent of the animated series Infinite Possibilities: What If…? (What If…?) Dark Doctor Strange.

Interestingly, “Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse” also cleverly used the living corpse version of the legend and the Scarlet Witch to make people misjudge the plot before the movie was released, thinking that there would really be a living corpse in the film. These two characters in the universe. But in fact, the plot just uses the relevant modeling to bring surprises. Among them, the legend of the living corpse is actually a good person, and it has even become one of the most surprising sections of the film.

2. Spiderman

In every trailer released in “Doctor Strange 2: The Runaway Multiverse”, the audience is almost constantly hinted that the plot and historical legend of this time are in “Spider-Man: Homeless Day” (Spider-Man: Homeless Day) No Way Home) in the Multiverse Crisis. But in fact, there is no connection between the two at all. Even if the incident of “Spider-Man: Homeless Day” did not happen, this time the crisis would also sweep.

So, all we really need to see first is the Disney+ series WandaVision. Only by watching this work first will we understand why Wanda became so crazy, and how she began to contact magic, and how she gradually evolved from the pain of losing her vision to her obsession with her two sons.

By the way, judging from the dialogue in the play, after the end of “Spider-Man: Homeless Day”, no one should remember Peter. Who is Parker, but Shi Chuan and Wang obviously still remember the events related to “Spider-Man: Homeless Day”. Although that doesn’t mean they remember Spider-Man as Peter. Parker, but if that were the case, it wouldn’t make sense logically. Therefore, such an arrangement may also be regarded as a foreshadowing of the development related to Spider-Man.

3. Travel through the multiverse

This part is probably the hardest Easter egg in Doctor Strange 2: Runaway Multiverse to pin down. During their first trip across the multiverse with Saga and America, scenes from alternate universes flashed across the screen, including the age of dinosaurs, the animated version, and what appears to be an Ant-Man The place where the quantum realm has appeared.

Since these contents come in so much and quickly, I am afraid that we will have to wait until the film is released on streaming platforms or released on Blu-ray before we can find all the easter eggs in a freeze-frame manner. But for now, it has also been pointed out that a golden giant named “Tribunal of Life” appeared in one of the paragraphs. As for his identity, in the comics, he is the supervisor of the multiverse.

4. Ultron

In the passage when Shi Chuan was brought to the Illuminati’s trial, a large number of robots had appeared. Later, when Wanda breaks into the Illuminati and starts killing, we will learn from the dialogue of the robots that they are the corner of “Ultron” that we are all familiar with

But unlike the plot of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (Avengers: Age of Ultron), the Ultron of this world obviously did not become the villain, but shouldered the task of assisting the Illuminati. Because of this, whether the illusion of this universe exists, and with whom Wanda gave birth to two sons, has also become a question that is not explained in the play, but makes the audience very curious.

5. Professor X

Although Professor X in “Doctor Strange 2: The Runaway Multiverse” is played by the well-known Patrick. Played by Patrick Stewart, but as far as the setting is concerned, the members of the Illuminati appearing here are not necessarily the same characters we have seen in other works, so they can be regarded as versions of different universes.

As for this version of Professor X, in addition to using the actors from the “X-Men” movie series, the soundtrack and the yellow electric wheelchair he rides on his debut are from the TV animation “X-Men” in the 1990s. Special Function Group (X-Men).

6. Black Bolt

The Black Bolt that appears in this film is a character from “Inhumans”, and its ability setting is roughly the same as that of “Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse”.

What’s special is that this version of Black Bolt also uses the actor Anson of the 2017 “Inhumans” series. As for Anson Mount, in terms of styling, it was changed to a style closer to the original comic book.

7. Mr. Marvel

There have been many rumors before that “Captain America” ​​Chris. Chris Evans will reprise his role as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four. However, although the film does appear members of the four superhumans, but the actual appearance is by John. The new version of Mr. Marvel, played by John Krasinski.

Although he was tragically killed when he first appeared, as mentioned earlier, Mr. Marvel that appeared here is just a version of one of the universes, so the new version of “Amazing Four Supermen” that is still in preparation is still very likely to be the same. Let him play the role. As for the role of Mr. Marvel’s wife, the invisible woman, will it be as rumored, Emily Krasinski’s real wife. It remains to be seen when Emily Blunt (Emily Blunt) will play them together again as husband and wife after A Quiet Place.

8. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel, who appeared in Doctor Strange 2: The Runaway Multiverse, is not Carol in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Danfoss, but her pilot friend Maria. Lambo. Although the film does not describe her journey to become Captain Marvel, it should basically be imagined as the same as Danvers, similar to the situation of role reversal.

What is more subtle is that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Maria’s daughter Monica has established a considerable degree of friendship with Wanda in “Wanda Vision”, but in the universe to which the Illuminati belongs, Wanda is mercilessly killed her mother in an alternate universe. Although Wanda should not know this, but such a plot really makes people feel emotional.

9. Captain Carter

If you’ve watched Infinite Possibilities: What If…? , you will know how Captain Carter replaced Captain America as a super soldier. But Captain Carter in Doctor Strange 2: The Runaway Multiverse delivered a brutally brutal scene during the Wanda Illuminati in a completely unexpected way.

But don’t worry, at least from the clues in the plot, there is currently no evidence to prove that this tragically killed Captain Carter is related to “Infinite Possibilities: What If…?” ” is the same person, plus the two have different shapes, so if you like “Infinite Possibilities: What If…?” “The version in, should be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

10. The mysterious character of the hidden segment

In the first hidden segment of the film, although there is no mention of Sally. The name of the mysterious character played by Theron (Charlize Theron), but if you just look at her appearance and her abilities, it should be the role of “Kerry” in the comics.

Kerry’s uncle is the evil god Doommu who appeared in “Doctor Strange”. Therefore, in addition to her extremely powerful abilities, she even married Shi Chuan, and in the recent comic series, took over the position of the new Supreme Magician.

11. “Ghost Playing People”

If you are the director of the film Sam. Fans of Sam Raimi will know that as long as the film directed by him, almost all of them will look for the male lead in his debut film “The Evil Dead” (The Evil Dead) Bruce. Campbell (Bruce Campbell) came to make a cameo. In this film, the pizza hawker who left a deep impression and appeared at the end of the second hidden segment was the cameo role of Campbell.

It is worth mentioning that in the sequel “Evil Dead II” (Evil Dead II), there was a scene where the male protagonist’s hand was controlled by a demon, so he kept beating himself up. So, as long as you’ve ever seen “Ghost Man,” you’ll have more fun than anyone else in his cameo in Doctor Strange 2: The Runaway Multiverse.

The 11 points listed above are some of the plot elements and easter egg analysis of “Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse”. In fact, the Easter eggs related to this film are far more than these, and interested readers may wish to search for relevant information on their own. And after talking about these elements, let’s talk about some of the content of this film, as a supplement to the previous No Thunder movie review.

If we look at the plot line of “Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse”, we will find that the film’s drama is almost entirely focused on Wanda and America, and even their hearts are lacking , and also completely correspond in relationship, so that the person who finally solves the crisis is actually America, not our protagonist Shi Chuan, so it becomes reasonable.

In fact, although Shi Chuan has the most scenes in the whole film, he is also in a passive state in most of the film’s plots, and he can only try to find a way to deal with the problem when Wanda is closely pressing. Even in terms of character characterization, Shi Chuan is more like the corresponding versions of Wanda and America. Although it can make a considerable degree of comparison between the three, it is not like the two female characters. leave a clearer impression.

However, judging from the details in the film, Shi Legend should also have more room to play. For example, he is repeatedly questioned in the film for his decision to give Thanos the Time Stone in Avengers: Infinity War so that he could wipe out half of life in the universe , whether it is the only way to save everyone is actually a rather interesting entry point.

In the film, he repeatedly said that was the only way. However, did those repeated doubts ever make him doubt himself for a while? When he actually visited other multiverses, and even saw his own bronze statue, did he ever feel shaken by that “only chance”?

Besides, if that is the only possibility of winning, when he chooses to do so, does he also know that he will eventually lose the love in his heart because of this choice? After the incident, did he ever regret his decision, or even see the dark thoughts hidden in his heart from Wanda’s actions?

Basically, the theme of “Doctor Strange 2: The Runaway Multiverse” can almost be said to be a retelling of the content of “Wanda Vision”, but it is unexpected that the film even focuses on the core of the theme. In Wanda, there should have been a lot of room for historical legends, so he gave up the real protagonist position, so it became the main reason for “Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse” to give people a feeling that the name does not match the reality. reason.

But fortunately, even if the protagonist’s positioning is a little confusing, “Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse” is still an interesting movie, and for those who love horror movies, it can get a lot of past comics from it. The fun that the Wei film does not have, even the unexpected ending of Wanda, is also arranged by the multiverse of this film, so there is still a chance of life, declaring that no matter which character dies, as long as the need arises in the future, the plot will be changed. Multiverse versions of them can be summoned, thus making the story more possible, even if someone dies or who comes back to life.

Even though they are not the same person in character setting, there is a chance to see familiar actors play those roles we love again. The possibility alone is enough to make supporters look forward to it, isn’t it?—-xian-shang-kan-2022-wan-zheng-ban-mian-fei-gao-qin–6277d5b26418c31ade5f6556–6277f1037222d99ac4b558d1

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