Ana Obregón’s emotional message to the Three Wise Men: “I don’t ask you for anything because I’ve already lost everything”

Famous actress and presenter Ana Obregon revealed her private message to the Three Kings, an exciting and difficult request, through her social networks, closely related to the loss of her son, Alice Liqueumore alive than ever after the disappearance of influencer Elena Huelva in the last hours due to cancer.

They are immersed in various projects, the profits of which go to Alice Lekew Foundation Against Cancer, Ana Obregon Previously He launched a message upon learning of the death of Elena Huelva, who was only 20 years old.

Every year three hundred people die of cancer in Spainappearance and money are needed, which the government does not provide, ”the presenter emphasized. Elena Huelva suffered Ewing’s sarcoma The same type of cancer his son died.

Ana Obregón promised to continue with the foundation Alice Liqueu To fight the syndrome that took his life: “I promise I will continue to fund my son’s foundation research against the dreaded Ewing’s sarcoma like I told you one day,” Obregon adds. Ewing’s sarcoma is a very rare type of tumor that occurs in the bones or the soft tissues around them.

Now, on the Night of the Three Kings, he’s posting a new open letter to his networks, as a message to the Three Wise Men, but supposed to have real impact.

In his letter he says the following: “I am not asking you for anything because I have already lost everything. My son’s life was not in vain. Elena’s life was not in vain. Many lives unknown to no one.

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For this reason, he adds: “I ask you to send this message to the government. sanchezcastejon Because we need money for cancer research. Research saves lives. Many institutions like my son fund research and experiences. But more is needed.”

Obregón urges action. “To them. To the many who have dyed our world red with their departure. I hope they will pay you some attention to your magic.”

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