An out-of-control Tesla kills two people in China | technology

Tesla Model Y lost control on November 5 in the streets of Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, and injured two people who died in the accident: a car driver and a student who was riding a bicycle. The event was recorded by many security cameras in the Chinese city, where it was observed that the car suddenly accelerated when it was about to park and drove at full speed for a distance of 2.6 kilometers. After a second fatality, the car crashed into a store, thus ending her career.

The electric car maker, the star company of mogul Elon Musk, said in a statement that the car’s brakes did not fail. Data taken from the vehicle does not prove that the brake pedal was depressed prior to the first impact, the company says in data compiled by Bloomberg. Tesla also claims that the video shows that the brake lights did not come on at any point, and that instead, the accelerator pedal was applied aggressively. The American company also expressed in the statement its intention to assist the authorities in everything necessary to clarify the event.

Tesla cars have the option to navigate on autopilot, that is, without driver assistance, although it is not clear if this function was activated in the accident in China. According to sources reported by local media, the 55-year-old motorist tested negative for alcohol and drugs. The car owner’s relatives also said that he had been complaining for some time about problems with the braking system.

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