An antenna for explosives next to Nord Stream? The discovery fuels the Russian version of the gas pipeline boycott

Five months later, the speculation continues. At the end of September, it was Sabotage on Nord Stream gas pipelines Which connects Russia with Germany via the Baltic Sea, caused a supply interruption, and the most dangerous thing is a great danger due to gas leakage and a new accident between several countries and Russia, where the affected gas company comes from. (Gazprom). Since then, assumptions and speculations about the causes of the attack and its possible connection with the war in Ukraine have not ceased to arise, but also on the part of the country led by Vladimir Putin, which clings to the fact that the channels have suffered from boycotts.

Now, the news in the area of ​​the gas pipeline that appeared to be damaged, in the middle of the Baltic Sea, has reopened the case and given Wings for theories of the Russian government, which has always defended that the facilities were bombed, compared to those who believe that this may be behind the interruption of supplies due to Europe’s position on the conflict with Ukraine. Sweden and Denmark, which host the areas where the bombings took place, have not been able to determine their causes at the present time.

Specifically, the Danish government confirmed last week that during an inspection of the pipeline that remained intact, A tubular object, which protruded about 40 cm (about 16 in) from the sea floor and was about 10 cm in diameter. “The object does not present any immediate security risk,” they explained at the time, as reported by Reuters.

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For all these reasons, the Danish authorities invited those responsible for the Russian operator Nord Stream 2 to visit the region and Cooperation for the rescue What they define as an “unidentified object”. Also, a newly created NATO unit to protect critical underwater infrastructures like Nord Stream could help uncover details about this condition.

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In parallel, as Reuters explains, the Russian president indicated a found object that could be the same. Putin said last week that a ship chartered from Gazprom had found an antenna-shaped object earlier this month about 30 km (19 miles) from the blast sites. The boss explicitly asserts that the object in question can be a signal antenna Explicitly installed to activate an explosive device.

Although he did not specify if he was referring to the same thing that the Danish authorities would try to save him, the truth is that his remarks fueled Russian theses that someone was going to cut off the supply. In addition, in an interview on Rossinya 1 channel, Putin assumed that in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthis possible antenna there will be Explosives placed under the piping system.

“An explosion of this kind (in Nord Stream), of this strength, at such a depth could only be Made by professionals And it is supported by all the power of the state, which has certain technologies,” Putin came to confirm. The Russian president took the opportunity to praise a recent publication in the New York Times that a pro-Ukrainian group was behind the vandalism.

This pipeline, which remained untouched, remained inactive as most of the pipelines were cut by Europe energy relations with Russia. The pipeline still contained gas, but the operator said last year that it had lowered pressure as a precaution.

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