Amper has been awarded the Navantia contract, the largest in its history, and already adds a portfolio of 140 million

Grupo Amper achieves the largest contract in its history. The company, through its subsidiary Nervión Naval Offshore, will build the components and carry out the assembly work for the offshore wind structures that make up the joint venture. Navantia Seanergies and Windar It recently contracted to supply the Le Tréport wind farm on the French coast, the company reported. With this order, the subsidiary’s portfolio now stands at 140 million euros.

“The award of this work by Navantia Seanergies includes the prefabrication of metal components such as nodes and secondary steels and the assembly of ‘jackets’ or structures to support wind turbines on the seafloor. It is scheduled to be implemented between 2023 and 2025 at the facilities of Navantia Fene (A Coruña), ”Amper noted in a press release.

Nervión Naval Offshore has so far been involved in the manufacture of more than 170 “jackets” among those manufactured for Navantia in Spain and SDMS in Taiwan, thus becoming one of the private companies with the largest workload in this sector worldwide. The jackets provide stability to wind turbines and allow them to withstand the harshest environmental conditions in environments between 60 and 90 meters deep, while floating hulls are used in deep waters such as semi-submarines, Spar or TLP, of which Nervion Naval Offshore is also a specialist manufacturer.

CEO set ampEnrique López, noted that “in the field of energy and sustainability, we want to be a relevant player in the design and construction of electrical structures and substations for offshore wind farms, contributing to the creation and leadership of a Spanish business ecosystem that can position itself as an integrated global supplier in the construction of infrastructures.” offshore wind energy infrastructure.

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With this new award, Amper increases the workload of its Nervión Naval Offshore subsidiary by 50%, currently employing more than 500 workers, a number that should be significantly increased in the near future, and represents significant progress in compliance with the objectives set out in the group’s new strategic plan. .

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