Amazon crippled more than 800,000 fake sellers in 2022

Amazon She continues to indulge in her plan Prevent counterfeit productsYes on your platform. The e-commerce company took legal action against 1,300 alleged violators in 2022, double the number in 2021.

According to the “Brand Protection Report,” which the company filed this Tuesday, over the past year Amazon I’ve stopped over 800,000 attempts to create fraudulent seller accountsPrevent potential offenders from posting a single product for sale on the web.

In this way, in 2022 there were seven times fewer attempts compared to those registered in 2021 (2.5 million attempts), which indicates, in Amazon’s view, that «C strictProactive vendor verification checks And their strategy of holding violators accountable for their actions, through legal action, discourages criminals from trying to sell counterfeit goods in the store.”

The company’s report states that, over the past year, it has invested more than $1,200 million and hired 15,000 people for this task, including scientists, experts in “machine learning”, “software” developers or specialized researchers.

In total, in 2022, more than six million counterfeit products will be identified and seized, preventing them from reaching customers. “We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in the past year,” he says, “and are working on developing our technology further to anticipate the actions of offenders and redoubling our efforts to file legal cases.” Dharmesh MehtaGlobal Vice President of Seller Services at Amazon.

For Gerard Joyot, General Director of the Brand Defense Association (ANDIMA), «Fraud and abusive trading techniques are evolving faster every day; This is why we must constantly get ahead of ourselves,” he explains.

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To do this, “cooperation between brands and ‘retailers’ is essential to combat encroachments on industrial property. The distribution and sale of counterfeit products is an offense governed by organized crime Which, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, is 2.5% of world trade and we cannot ignore that, by protecting intellectual property and trademarks, we are protecting the economy, employment and of course, we are defending the consumer,” he notes.

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