Almudena Grandes by Luis Garcia Monteiro, verse

year and three months. The time of the fight he won over the storm he fought against Almudena Grandes Her life ended in November 2021. Her husband, Luis Garcia MonteiroAnd she faced that time, year, and three months with her, capturing it in verses explaining love, conflict, and heartbreak. This book, titled thus, a year and three months, Published by Tusquets, it had a huge impact. poet manager Cervantes Institute, wrote his most exciting and, at the same time, the simplest book, as an affirmation of the pain said with words, in this case the value of an infinite hug. To explain this, pitta pitta, we asked the poet to highlight in his words single verses taken from poems in his book. This is the result of an interview conducted with questions that are his own verses.

s.We see the questions go slowly / Without knowing what to say

R was found. Suddenly, the presence of the disease fills life with questions and the answers have a twofold direction. Among people who have no secrets, intimacy needs to think about what is being said in an extreme way. One feels fear, but silences that fear and places oneself in hope so that the other does not worry. Mystery fills what is said with secrets. It’s also a way to take care.

s.How hard is it to walk barefoot / and to be afraid of being cut

R was found. Walking along the seashore is walking beside death. The sea as a metaphor for death and barefoot as a perception of insecurity. You have to keep walking, but the truth cuts short and the wounds are there.

s. “Love is also a negotiating light”

R was found. Poetry usually takes an anecdote to find a more sublime meaning. The autobiography becomes a literary figure to raise its importance. Sometimes a couple has different schedules in a dream. She, for example, takes a long time to fall asleep and wakes up early. They are readers, so they have to get used to it turning on the light early and turning it off late. Living in bed with the light of the other is also a way to talk about what love must do through personal enrichment and an invitation to human wisdom. The light then ceases to be a lamp on the bedside table to be something else.

s. “Fortunata / Shipwreck in the streets of Madrid”

R was found. Almudena from her teens was a loyal reader of Galdus. Fortunata, the woman in love, one of her favorite characters, someone who suffers and dies in Madrid. Galdus, Garcia Lorca, Dickens, and Baudelaire walked our lives together.

s. “You also don’t protest / If you turn on the light before the hour”

R. Waking up early invites you to read in bed. Whoever sleeps next to you gets used to it and agrees not to protest when the light is on. The also It is there to remind us that light, like love, is a round trip, and complicity.

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s. “I know not what confuses your patience, / Nor what suits my silence”

R was found. Taking care of oneself is looking at oneself, trying to understand, sensing what has not been said, assuming that I do not know, and calculating what should or should not be said. Things are mixed up and the potential game of the opponent is taken care of, but the end of the game is unknown.

s. Poetry in the winds of life

R was found. Chemotherapy causes hair loss. The poet recalls a famous sonnet by Garcilaso: “And while the poetry in the vein was chosen / Of gold, with a swift flight, / Of the beautiful white neck, erect, / The wind moves, spreads and tumbles.” Those who look in the mirror to observe themselves usually look for testimony of what they know. But there are situations in which the mirror embarks us on a different journey, with a wig that must move to the rhythm of the winds of life as a fantasy, one of those literary stories that do not lie, but seek the truth. Hence the following verses.Neither of us, and no, has never felt this way / That there is truth in fantasies”

s. “Live the Earth, Watch Something / Avoid Fall and Fear”

R was found. Disease makes us perceive vulnerability as the condition that characterizes the human being. Arrogance is a tantrum trying to cover up an awareness of weakness. Living together is an assumption of care, in both the public and private spheres. The daily life of the disease increases the need to keep one’s foot on the ground, avoid falls, and avoid potential accidents.

s. And I want nothing more than to take care of you.

R was found. in the poem by senectuteJaime Gil de Piedma quotes a verse from Gongora: “And I feared nothing more than my care.” I am interested in reversing the verse to celebrate the value of being able to care for the one one loves. The verse has a double meaning, because it allows us to realize not only the care that we devote to her, but also her concern for those who take care of her. Sometimes optimism is a mask to hide fear or anxiety that could harm another.

s. “The World is a Hotel / A Book Without Complaint”

R was found. A sense of transience, of not belonging, of life as a journey and without the ability to claim against death. This awareness of death is what defines humans, it’s part of their culture. Animals feel reactions of fear and survival instinct, but do not feel conscious that they are going through life.

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s. usually damage

R was found. Illness and then death usually become, a pet, something that blends into everyday life, something necessary to live with. A custom is an invitation to resist and, later, a way of waiting for things to regain their meaning.

s. And he asks me depression. Tell me, / Are you the one who knows? Who is leading this silent journey?

R was found. Dreaming on a plane, where the story of passengers traveling like corpses is unleashed, makes it possible to deal with uncertainty, bringing to light the dialogue with death that one hides in baggage.

s. “Everything falls into place / It’s the worst chaos imaginable”

R was found. One dies and the world goes on, days pass, cities follow their rhythms and the furniture in the house is in place. That everything remains the same, that everything is in order, is the perturbation that helps us realize what it means to be human. Borges taught us that we are a moment in the river of centuries.

s. Like a knock on the door / in the middle of nowhere

R was found. Closes the door of life and us. I always thought the first to leave would be me, and that I wouldn’t hear the door slam shut. But I had to listen to it and when that door closes nothing opens.

s. This fall afternoon he asks us to sit down /To rest, / stop at the Bilbao roundabout

R was found. Go for a walk in the fall, in the fall and in the afternoon, when you cannot walk much because you lack strength and have to sit down, as it is necessary to have some conversations about the end of life or about pending issues.

s. “Echo of my ruthless shadow”

R was found. One becomes a shadow, the loss of the other affects one’s identity when it is a part of us, and in this loss of identity comes things like an echo, a merciless echo as it causes pain. It is an unrelenting echo of truth, an unavoidable phantom of pain in the flesh.

s. The City That Resists Bombing, / Won’t Pass, The Secret Networks / That Fight The Nazis, / The General Strikes, / The Rebellion Of The Unknown People / In A Dictatorship’

R was found. The city is Madrid, the heroine of the Almudena novels. A city that knew how to resist the onslaught of fascism for 3 years and the dictatorship that fought for 40 years. The word resistance moves from history to personal life, just as in novels, resistance against coup and resistance to disease go hand in hand.

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s. In the waning moon the words of love and resistance are drawn /

R was found. For writing it is necessary to use the literary tradition. It is a good remedy to see what is at stake beyond us. The moon is Lorca’s metaphor for death and in the face of death, in the face of a waning moon, the worries of love and resistance to adversity remain. The moon has been a symbol of death since ancient times because it rises at night and gradually disappears and shrinks as it moves.

s. “Everything is as weird and difficult as you call me Louis.”

R was found. Poetry serves to ask what I mean when I say “this is me”. In a previous book called special winter, she published the poem “We may leave ourselves, but there is always a badly closed door.” Assuming doubt, contradictions are the result of questioning oneself.

s. ‘I suppose land matters / and land is in my hands’

R was found. Lorca wrote that seeing you naked is remembering the earth. From the earth we are born and to the earth we return in the cycle of life. To wonder about death is to wonder with earth in hand, a land that can flourish, with April rains and May sunshine, like the old elm tree of Machado.

s. “what did you forget?”

R was found. Many things. To write this book, I had in mind the history of poetry, from the High Priest of Hita to my earlier poems. It’s the way to respond to a harsh experience without falling for rudeness or pity. There are many poems that raise the issue of death and it is one of the greatest issues besides love. In this tradition I forgot many things.

s. The mountain / which crossed a thousand times / between Granada and Rota ‘.

R was found. Returning to common places is an experience of need and mourning. I create places, I am from Granada, Almudena is from Madrid, but we are not a collection of places, but the creation of a new place. In our case this place is called Rota, there we followed.

s. The cursed month of April with its thorns.

R was found. I went back to Rota in April, during Holy Week. I verified that Elliott was right when he wrote that April was the cruelest month, especially when life itself flows in the opposite direction and roses are thorns and not petals. They are mountains to cross, obstacles and distances to cover.

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