Allergy Tricks | Places you should clean in the house if you have allergies in the summer

Seasonal allergies are a problem For a large part of the population, it is forced to Limit external exposure Because of the effects that this feeling generates in her. Allergies to dust, pollen, and an endless number of summertime elements It results in a feeling of congestion, sneezing, and uncomfortable itching to many people. despite of Our home may seem like a safe place For this sensitivity, it has been shown that Particles are able to penetrate the most remote places from a house.

Frequent house cleaning has become an essential task For those who suffer from any kind of allergy during the summer months. That is why Some experts in this field recommend paying special attention to some places out of the house when cleaning the house. From bed and flat surfaces, to windows and blinds, these are some of the basics we should clean more frequently this time of year.

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Starting with the leaves, a place frequented by moths and other particles, it is necessary to change it at least once a week. This is mainly due to Proximity to a door or window, and fabrics prone to accumulation of dust particles and other materials. On the other side, Most dust accumulates on flat surfaces Dirt coming from outside is recommended Keep the furniture clear From the layer of mites or pollen that can accumulate in the summer.

Finally, another important point regarding sensitivity, Are the blinds and windowsbecause they are closest to the outsideAnd they stay open for hours in the summer. It is recommended Clean windows frequentlyin addition to washing or change of curtains Once a week. In addition to these, there are other places where We can find traces of pollen or mitesWhich at this time of year deserves extra monitoring by those with seasonal allergies.

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