All Saints Bridge | What will the weather be like in Madrid?

The national holiday falls on November 1st, All Saints Day, on a Tuesday and the more fortunate can enjoy a four-day bridge and get away a bit from the city. Although there are many schools where there will be no semester, it all depends on the days of free distribution of each educational center. The holiday makes some schools choose Monday as a non-school day, thus, Together with Halloween, create a “Macro Bridge” for four days without a school or institute for Madrid students.

For those who are simply going to enjoy the weekend of November 29-30 in the Community of Madrid, the good news is that No rain is expected and “temperatures will remain moderate.” The weather forecast guarantees a calm bridge, without rain and mild temperatures It will stay between 14 and 22 degrees Throughout the weekend. Those numbers are much higher than usual for these dates, however, for the next week, the minimum is estimated to drop to 7 or 8 degrees, so you can actually take off your coat.

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