All Saints Bridge | Is there a long weekend for Halloween? Are shops and malls open?

After the celebration of the Hispanic heritage of all Spain (which also coincided in Zaragoza with the big day in honor of the Virgen del Pilar), a new holiday will soon arrive. Indeed, from now until the end of the year little will come, Because it’s far from Halloween, which is a fixed and national day, also in December we will have the traditional Constitution Day, the Day of the Immaculate Conception and Christmas Day. The new year, logically, will already correspond to 2023.

All Saints Day It’s November 1 And also the day before has a special place for many people, but especially for the little ones, as Halloween is celebrated.

This is 2022 All Saints Tuesday. But does this mean that there is a bridge? Yes and no, because it has nuances.

School yes, work no

November 1, as always, is a national holiday for both schoolchildren and workers, But not on Monday. In fact, a problem is created in many families because it is not a school for students, but it works. On Tuesday, everyone celebrated.

That yes, this would not prevent many families from trying, if their jobs and available holidays allowed, to build a bridge on their own. Plus, in terms of temperatures, it’s not yet expected to be too cold, so perhaps you can take advantage of it to take a quick trip across Europe, visit family, or disconnect in temperate beach areas or at Mt. In Aragon, temperatures are expected to range between 20 and 25 degrees, a weather anomaly that will leave higher-than-normal temperatures at this time of year.

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Are malls and stores open?

As in the previous case, it depends on the place and circumstances. In the case of large and medium-sized surfaces, such as shopping centers, they open. However, in the case of convenience stores and supermarkets, this will depend on each of them. This is only in the case of Zaragozabecause it is not a holiday in Huesca and Teruel.

After all the saints are already facing Black Friday and Christmas campaigns, So there will be four more trade opening holidays, which are as follows:

  • Sunday 27 November

  • Sunday 4 December

  • Sunday 11 December

  • Sunday December 18

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